Water Permits

Images_PermitWhat is a “Water Permit?”

A water permit allows an applicant to obtain a building permit and set a water meter or intensify water use on an existing connection. A water permit is also needed to set additional water meters or to change the size of an existing water meter. Normally, permits can be processed within a week if there are no deed restrictions required (deed restrictions take 1 to 3 weeks to prepare, review and record.)

A note about commercial changes in use:
Builders/owners of new and existing commercial buildings should be informed of the possible need for a water permit when tenant changes occur. All intensifications in use according to District Rule 24, Table II require water permits. Due to differences in use definitions, the District may consider a building/lease space to have changed use even when the city/county may not. A quick check with the District permit office staff will clarify whether a water permit is needed.


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