Commercial & Multi-Family/Condo Common Area Efficiency Requirements

Mandatory Water Efficiency for Existing Commercial Water Users (Rule 143)

Every non-residential building is required to have water efficient toilets, urinals and faucets. Businesses that have showerheads, ice machines and/or clothes washers must have water efficient models. These requirements applied to all businesses as of December 31, 2013. Visitor serving businesses (such as hotels and restaurants) were required to install water efficient devices by January 1, 2001. All visitor serving accommodations must have linen and towel reuse programs in place, and all public restrooms must have water conservation messages posted. Restaurants are only to serve water when requested.

Questions about these programs should be addressed to or call 831-658-5601.

If you are a Commercial Customer click for more information on your required retrofits. (PDF)

If you are a Commercial Customer with a Visitor Serving Business, click here to see your specific requirements. (PDF)

Mandatory Water Efficiency for Multi-Family Housing and Condo Common Areas (Rule 142-F)

A summary of the requirements is below.  The owner (or his authorized agent) of a Multi-Family Residential Site or Common Interest Development manager shall certify compliance with this regulation by one of the following methods:

  • Inspection by MPWMD;
  • Owner/association certification that plumbing fixtures throughout the Site have been retrofitted in compliance with Regulation XIV and Regulation XV. The owner, his authorized agent, or CID manager shall forward a copy of this certification, together with a dated copy of the purchase receipt for each Low Water Use Plumbing Fixture and a dated copy of the labor contract or a statement of self-installation which evidences complete installation to the District.  The District may verify certification by an onsite inspection.  The Certification Form can be found here.

APARTMENTS:  By January 1, 2019, all multi-family housing with four (4) or more units were required to install water efficient toilets, faucet aerators, shower-heads, common-laundry room clothes washers, irrigation system controllers programmed to meet local requirements and working water pressure regulators.

MPWMD’s requirements compliment Senate Bill 407 (Padilla) approved by the Governor on October 11, 2009, that requires owners of Multi-Family Residential and commercial real property built prior to January 1, 1994, to replace older water fixtures with new water efficient fixtures by January 1, 2019.

CONDOMINIUMS AND COMMON INTEREST DEVELOPMENTS:  By January 1, 2019, Common Interest Developments with four (4) or more units were required to install water efficient toilets, faucet aerators and shower-heads in all common areas.  All Clothes Washers installed in Common Laundry Rooms within the District must meet the definition of High Efficiency Clothes Washer rated with a Water Factor of 5.0. Washer/extractors that do not comply with the 5.0 Water Factor must be programmed by a manufacturer/vendor technician to only function on the low water setting (non-user selected setting). A written statement must be provided to MPWMD by the manufacturer/vendor’s technician stating that the machines have been programmed to only use the low water setting and that there is no way to manipulate the water usage via a user setting. This statement will be maintained by MPWMD.   Irrigation system controllers must be programmed to meet local requirements and the Site must have working water pressure regulators that maintain pressure at or below 65 psi.

Questions about these programs should be addressed to or call 831-658-5601.

MFD and CID Certification Form. (PDF)

Water Use Audit

Our conservation partner, California American Water offers free water use audits to commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Auditors will review all water use to identify efficient alternatives. Water efficiency reduces costs for businesses and has an added benefit of reducing energy use. Call today for an appointment, and one of California American Water’s conservation experts will inspect your business or facility to find ways to save water and lower your utility bills. During the audit, the water conservation experts will:

  • Evaluate and analyze water savings
  • Provide an annual water consumption history
  • Calculate a cost/benefit analysis for water conserving technology
  • Provide water efficient devices and materials, subject to availability
  • Provide a detailed site evaluation and recommended fixture upgrades and water management practices
  • Offer rebate incentives for:
    • Zero water consumption urinals
    • High efficiency or ultra-high efficiency toilets
    • On-demand pump or point of source water heaters
    • Smart controllers, rain sensors and soil sensors
    • Cisterns and greywater systems
    • Food service equipment

After the survey is complete, you will receive a summary report of findings and recommendations. Surveys will be conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis. To schedule your free survey, please contact the California American Water conservation office at: (831) 646-3205.

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