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Water Supply Projects/EIRs

Groundwater Replenishment
Cal-Am Regional Project

Water Rights

Cease and Desist Order – SWRCB Order 2009-0060
SWRCB Order WR 95-10
SWRCB Decision 1632 and Order Correcting the Decision
Seaside Basin Adjudication Decision
Other SWRCB Orders

CAL-AM/Public Utilities Commission Action

General Rate Cases
Moratorium on Cal-AM Connections
Other Orders

Fisheries Reports

Steelhead Passage Barrier Report

Geology/Hydrology Technical Reports

Carmel Valley
Seaside Groundwater Basin
Other Areas

MPWMD Water Allocation Program + Mitigation Program

Draft/Final EIR + Certification Findings for Water Allocation Program
Adopted Mitigation Program – November 1990
Mitigation Program Annual Reports
Fishery Technical Reports
Riparian Technical Reports
Lagoon Technical Reports
Other biological reports

Water Conservation

2015 Annual Water Conservation Report (Cal-Am/MPWMD)

2016 Annual Water Conservation Report (Cal-Am/MPWMD)

MPWMD General/Miscellaneous

MPWMD Enabling Legislation
Voter Division Studies

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