Requirements for New Water Wells Within the District


The following standard requirements apply to each new water well that is completed within the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD) boundary, to be in compliance with MPWMD Rules & Regulations.

1)         The well must be properly registered with the MPWMD by having the owner complete the Water Well Registration form. [Rule 52 B]

2)         The well is required to have a water meter acceptable to the MPWMD installed upon completion of the well. [Rules 54 D, 56 C and 56 E] Water Meter Installation Standards and Guidelines are available to assist well owners. Well owners shall contact the MPWMD to verify that the water meter installation is in compliance with MPWMD Rules. [Rule 56 G]

3)         The well must be equipped with a sounding tube for water level measurement. [Rule 59]

4)         The owner of the well must obtain either a Permit to create/establish a Water Distribution System (WDS) or a written Exemption.   [Rules 11, 20 A, 20-C, 21A, 22]. The owner of the well must submit an Application or a Request for Confirmation of Exemption form to the MPWMD along with the specified fee. The Application fees are $1,200 for Level 1 or 2 Permit Applications, $3,000 for Level 3 Permit Applications, and $1,000 for Exemption Requests. Detailed descriptions of the WDS Permit process, including fees and the Exemption Request and WDS Permit forms, can be viewed at:

2014 Implementation Guidelines for Processing WDS applications

Request for Confirmation of Exemption for a Water Distribution System

Application for a Permit to Create or Amend a Water Distribution System

5)         If well construction or operation will result in the removal or alteration of riverbank materials or vegetation within the riparian corridor of the Carmel River, then a River Work permit is required. [Rules 124, 126, 127]

Additional information on water meter installations is available on the District website or call 831/658-5642.

Revised 5/2014

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