High Efficiency Appliance Credits


A Residential Water Permit application may also include a request for water credits for the devices listed below. All applications which include the use of Water Credits are subject to inspection by the District prior to permitting.  Original fixtures should not be replaced until an inspection is complete. Applications for credit obtained through the installation of water efficient appliances will require a deed restriction before the water permit is issued. Water permits requiring a deed restriction may take five to seven business days.

High Efficiency Dishwasher 0.5 FU See MPWMD Rule11 for definition.  Please visit the Energy Star website (energystar.gov) for list of qualifying dishwasher models.
High Efficiency Clothes Washer 1.0 FU See MPWMD Rule 11 for definition. Please visit the Energy Star website for a list of qualifying models.
Instant-Access Hot Water (IAHW) 0.5 FU Available where the property has an inefficient hot water delivery system.  IAHW must be capable of producing hot water from every point of access within 10 seconds.  NO CREDIT FOR NEW STRUCTURES.
HET (High Efficiency Toilet)       1.3 Gallon maximum. 0.5 FU This credit reduces a toilet from 1.8 FU to 1.3 FU.
UHET (Ultra High Efficiency Toilet)  0.8 Gallon maximum 1.0 FU This credit reduces a toilet from 1.8 FU to 0.8 FU.

For additional information regarding High Efficiency appliances and the Water Permit process, call the MPWMD Permit Office at (831) 658-5601 or visit our website at www.mpwmd.net.  

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