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Does Your Child’s School Promote Water Conservation?

Raised garden beds allow for installation in non-traditional areas

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends”. Nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to water conservation and our region’s youth. With the school year upon us we ask the question, “does your child’s school actively promote water conservation?”




While most elementary schools incorporate some water wise learning into their curriculum, Robert Down Elementary School in Pacific Grove has taken that concept one step further with their Learning Garden.

Moisture Meters are an easy way to gauge soil health. They are also FREE from the District!







Students grow many kinds of fruits and vegetables and learn bout their life cycle



The garden, located on school grounds, is focused on teaching children at the K-5 institution about all aspects of the science behind plants and the environment that they grow in.




A big portion of that learning is focused on how to conserve water.

Rain Harvesting Cisterns are eligible for generous rebates







If your school is interested in getting more information on how to incorporate water wise learning into your curriculum, reach out to our Water Conservation team at 831.658.5603 or email us at conserve@mpwmd.net

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