Water Demand Division

Conservation & Permits

Appealable Decisions

Fees for Appeal: 

Processing fees for appeals are calculated using the total water capacity of the site.  However, when there is more than one structure on the site, the fee is determined by the water capacity of the structure that is the subject of the appeal. 

Fees are $250 for a capacity of 0.5 acre-foot or less water use annually; $500 for capacity greater than 0.5 and up to 1.0 acre-foot annually; and $750 for capacity greater than 1.0 acre-foot annually.  Additional fees may apply (see Fee & Charges Table, effective July 20, 2010). Click here to download application.

Fees for appeal may be waived when the issues raised in the appeal concern matters of public interest or environmental protection, as long as the applicant does not have a direct financial interest in the appeal.  The General Manager has the sole discretion to determine which applicants are representing a public interest, and whether or not the fee shall be waived.  Any applicant desiring a fee waiver must complete an appeal fee waiver application and receive the approval of the General Manager to waive the fees prior to expiration of the 21 day appeal period. 

Appealable Decisions

Only Decisions made within the last 21 days are appealable.