This meeting is not subject to Brown Act noticing requirements.  The agenda is subject to change.






Water Demand Committee Members:

Alvin Edwards, Chair

Gary Hoffmann

George Riley



Molly Evans


Staff Contact

Stephanie Locke

Arlene Tavani






















After staff reports have been distributed, if

additional documents are produced by the District and provided to the Committee regarding any item on the agenda they will be made available on the District’s website prior to the meeting. Documents distributed at

the meeting will be made available upon request and posted to the District’s website within five days following the meeting.



Water Demand Committee

Of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District


Thursday, May 7, 2020, 3:00 pm, Teleconference


Pursuant to Governor Newsom's Executive Orders N-29-20 and N-33-20, and to do all we can to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus),  meetings of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District Board of Directors and committees will be conducted with virtual (electronic) participation only using WebEx. 


Join the meeting at

Meeting number: 291 228 610

Meeting password: TXxJFHeU253

Participate by phone: 877-668-4493


For detailed instructions on connecting to the WebEx meeting

see page 3 of this agenda.



Call to Order/Roll Call




Comments from Public - The public may comment on any item within the District’s jurisdiction.  Please limit your comments to three minutes in length.




Action Items -- Public comment will be received.



Consider Adoption of April 2, 2020 Committee Meeting Minutes






Consider Denial of Request from City of Monterey re Allocation for 2000 and 2600 Garden Road, Monterey






Consider Recommendation to the Board re Disposition of District Reserve Allocation






Consider Recommendation to the Board to Adopt Final Report “Supply and Demand for Water on the Monterey Peninsula”





Discussion Items – Public comment will be received.



Update on Water for Regional Housing Needs per District TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) Request to Jurisdictions






Discuss Methods for Implementation of Enhanced Water Conservation Measures for Non California American Water Pumpers in the Carmel Valley Alluvial Aquifer






Suggest Items to be Placed on Future Agendas







Upon request, MPWMD will make a reasonable effort to provide written agenda materials in appropriate alternative formats, or disability-related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services, to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in public meetings.  MPWMD will also make a reasonable

effort to provide translation services upon request.  Submit requests by noon on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, to the Board Secretary at or call 831- 658-5652.



Text Box: See next page of agenda for instructions on connecting to the WebEx meeting.






Instructions for Connecting to the WebEx Meeting


Note:  If you have not used WebEx previously, when you begin connecting to the meeting you may be asked to download the app or join via the web. You can do either option. If you log on via your computer AND use your phone for the audio, please disable your computer speakers using your Settings menu on your computer to avoid echoes that occur when using the computer web link AND the phone number to join.  If you do not have a computer, you can participate by phone only.


Begin: Within 5 minutes of the meeting start time from your computer go to:

Under “Join a Meeting” enter the meeting number 291 228 610, hit the enter key and when prompted enter the meeting password TXxJFHeU253, click “Join Meeting” and participate in one of the methods listed below.


1) Audio and video connection from computer with WebEx app – view participants/materials on your screen

Once in the meeting, mute your microphone.

Turn your microphone on when it is your turn to speak.


2) View material on your computer screen and listen to audio on your phone

Once in the meeting, at the bottom of the meeting box, choose “Call In.”  Do not choose “Use Video System”

Click on “Start Meeting” / You will see a toll-free telephone number, access code, and attendee ID # -- enter these numbers on your phone. 

Mute the microphone on your computer.

Disable computer speakers using the Settings menu.


3)   Join by phone only (no computer) dial 877-668-4493 and use the meeting number above.



Protocol for Meetings Conducted by Teleconference



1)      The Chair will call the meeting to order.

2)      Receipt of Public Comment – the Chair will ask for comments from the public.

(a)    Audio and video connection through WebEx – use the “raise hand” icon to indicate you would like to speak.  When called upon, please state your name.

(b)    Audio on your phone – when the Chair asks for comments from persons participating by phone, your microphone will be unmuted, please state your name and present your comment.

(c)      Limit your comments to 3 minutes in length.


Submit Written Comments


If you are unable to participate via telephone or computer to present oral comments, you may also submit your comments by e-mailing them to with the subject line "PUBLIC COMMENT ITEM __” and add the item number.  Comments must be received by noon on Thursday, May 7, 2020. All submitted comments will be provided to the Board of Directors and may be read into the record and will be compiled as part of the record.