Consider Adoption of Resolution 2022-26: A Resolution of the Board of Directors Authorizing the Grant Application, Acceptance, and Execution for the Expansion of the Pure Water Monterey Project


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September 19, 2022





David J. Stoldt,




General Manager

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David J. Stoldt

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SUMMARY: Late last year, Monterey One Water (M1W) submitted a grant application to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) for the Urban & Multi-Benefit Drought Relief Grant Program. The request was $9.5 million for Pure Water Monterey Expansion (PWMX).


DWR made the award announcement in March 2022 and did not include M1W on the funding list.


In July, DWR staff provided some excellent feedback:


1) Project readiness. We obviously are a lot farther along than we were in November.


2) Waiver for projects serving disadvantaged communities (DACs) some of the areas to benefit from PWMX could be in DACs. (portions of Seaside and Monterey)


3) They are prioritizing awards based on technical review. PWMX is much farther along versus 9 months ago, hence should get a higher score.


4) It needs to be in response to an emergency. We will highlight drought, the Cease and Desist Order, and housing (RHNA) numbers.


5) Needs to help urban water supplies. This is where they said M1W was the wrong agency to apply for the program. We are in a much better position to score higher and to get more funding for PWMX if MPWMD takes the lead this go round.


RECOMMENDATION: The General Manager recommends that the Board adopt Resolution 2022-26 and direct staff to submit a grant application.



22-A Resolution 2022-26

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