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June 21, 2021





David J. Stoldt


Water Supply Projects


General Manager

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Jonathan Lear

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Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on June 14, 2021 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:   This action does not constitute a project as defined by the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines section 15378.




















SUMMARY:  The District’s Carmel River Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) project is operated under a cooperative agreement between the District and California American Water (Cal-Am.) Under this agreement, the District operates the wells during injection season and collects and reports data required to meet permit requirements for the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Water Rights (DWR) and the Regional Water Quality Control Board.  The District also provides data to the Seaside Groundwater Basin Watermaster (Watermaster) related to the Storage and Recovery agreement between Cal-Am and the Watermaster.  Pueblo Water Resources (PWR) is used on an annual basis to support District staff with the fieldwork, data collection, conduct supervision of unanticipated emergency repairs, and report preparation to operate the ASR Project in all phases of operation and comply with permit requirements.  PWR has been selected because their expertise and knowledge of the Project’s equipment, operations, reporting, and regulation allow their team to efficiently plug into any component of the program efficiently and provide support with little notice and direction.  No other firm has the direct qualifications and experience on this project to match what PWR has to offer the District.


DISCUSSION:  Due to the seasonal and climate driven nature of work associated with ASR operations, the District has opted to not hire full time operators dedicated solely to ASR, but to hire PWR as support staff on an as-needed basis to keep costs of ASR operation low.  PWR will assist in fieldwork, support data networks, assist in the preparation of compliance reports, and provide project construction/repair oversight on an as needed basis.  PWR has 18 years of experience in supporting this particular project, is familiar with the ASR procedures and regulations, and therefore is able to plug in quickly with little spin up time when their services are needed.  Budget estimate is based on a wet water year type where there would be over 150 operational days and this contract of support would provide up to 10 weeks of support.  If WY 2022 is not a wet water year, less support will be needed and the full budget will not be spent.  Additionally, as the project infrastructure ages through normal wear and tear, components break down and need repair to maintain the functionality of the program.  The District contracts directly with C-57 contractors to repair the infrastructure and relies on PWR to supervise the repair/construction activities to make sure the work is completed to District standards. Staff proposes to retain PWR to support the District with operations on an as-needed basis for the WY 2022 ASR season. 


RECOMMENDATION:  The Administrative Committee recommends that the Board authorize the General Manager to enter into an agreement on an as-needed basis, not to exceed $75,000 with PWR to support the District with WY 2022 ASR operations.


BACKGROUND:  The District completes annual water quality monitoring at the ASR facilities as outlined in the ASR Sample and Analysis Plan, which is a requirement for project operations by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.  The District also monitors and reports streamflow and diversion volumes to the DWR, NOAA Fisheries, and State Department of Fish and Wildlife for permit compliance.  In addition, the District reports volumes of water injected and recovered to the Watermaster as required by the Storage and Recovery agreement between Cal-Am and the Watermaster.  The District has used PWR for 17 years to support the development and operation of the Carmel River ASR project.  Because of PWR’s experience with this project, they are able to provide high quality assistance to the District with little notice and direction. 


IMPACT TO STAFF/RESOURCES:  Funds for this project are included in the FY 2021-22 budget under “Water Supply Projects,” line item 1-2-1.  Funds expended to complete this work will be shared between the District and Cal-Am through the ASR Management and Operations agreement between the District and Cal-Am.



11-A    Pueblo Water Resources, Inc. 2021 Fee Schedule




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