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The Steelhead Superhighway is Open

As most of the Monterey Peninsula knows, the Steelhead Trout is an endangered species and one of the reasons the amount of water in the over-drafted Carmel River is so critical. With this season’s rainfall, the river is flowing normally and is thereby allowing Mother Nature’s Steelhead Superhighway to increase it’s traffic.

Adult Steelhead swim up the river to spawn, laying their eggs in sheltered areas along the riverbank.
Then, Juvenile Steelhead swim down the river and through the Carmel Lagoon to the Pacific Ocean where they mature to then continue the cycle.

Sometimes though, Mother Nature’s power erodes the stream banks of the river. This erosion damages the natural spawning areas of the adult steelhead while also creating flooding hazards for the homes close to the river.

Storm damage from the previous winter shows erosion and trees collapsing into the river
During the dry summer months, MPWMD staff and contractors worked to stabilize the ban
The finished project with new gravel for spawning
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