Objective: Support Long-Term Water Supply Environmental Review



1.      Coordinate with staff and consultants to provide technical assistance in preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Report that evaluates a local desalination facility at the project level of detail and alternative at the program level of detail by December 2003.


2.      Provide water resources simulation modeling analyses to support evaluation of an EIR for project alternatives. The District conducts water resources modeling in-house with its Carmel Valley Simulation (CVSIM) model. CVSIM is a family of computer-based operations models that simulate water resource system performance (i.e., municipal yield, streamflows, ground water storage) under varying hydrologic, management, facilities and demand conditions. This model was developed by District staff and has been in use since 1981.


3.      Provide fisheries impacts analyses to support evaluation of project alternatives. These analyses will be based primarily on evaluation of CVSIM modeling results, and will focus on the availability of Carmel River flows under each project alternative considered, for each phase of the steelhead life cycle.


4.      Provide technical assistance for evaluation of San Clemente Dam Drawdown and Safety Remediation Projects.


Objective: Manage the Seaside Basin Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Project



1.      Request State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) permit to conduct WY 2004 testing by August 2003.


2.      Coordinate with California Department of Health Services and Cal-Am for approvals to utilize test well for recovery of injected water by August 2003.


3.      Collect water quality and level data during recovery by October 2003.

4.      If required, conduct updated environmental review for proposed WY 2004 injection testing program based upon latest available data and testing results by October 2003.


5.      Develop plans for Water Year (WY) 2004 aquifer water injection testing by November 2003.


6.      Complete analysis and reporting of WY 2003 aquifer water injection and recovery testing by January 2004.


7.      Conduct WY 2004 aquifer water injection testing from December 2003 through May 2004, SWRCB permit allowing.


8.      Continue process for securing additional Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) sites with City of Seaside and U.S. Army.


9.      Continue pursuit of long-term ASR project with SWRCB.


Objective: Manage Seaside Basin Ground Water Resources



1.      Coordinate with planning and technical consultants to conduct Seaside Basin management group meetings and public information workshops on Seaside Basin ground water management ordinances.


2.      Coordinate with planning and technical consultants to prepare draft EIR on ground water management ordinances for receipt by September 2003.


3.      Coordinate with planning consultants to complet the EIR public review by November 2004.


4.      Finalize and certify EIR by February 2004.


5.      Implement ground water management ordinances by April 2004.


6.      Continue development of Seaside Basin Ground Water Management Plan with public involvement during FY 2003-2004.


Objective: Manage Water Allocation Mitigation Program Fisheries



1.      Coordinate with consultants and contractors to implement appropriate course of action on Sleepy Hollow Steelhead Rearing Facility (SHSRF) intake retrofit by July 2003.


2.      Conduct rescues of steelhead from drying reaches of the Carmel River by September 2003.


3.      Operate SHSRF until adequate river flows resume in WY 2004.


4.      Complete Fall 2003 steelhead population surveys by October 2003.


5.      Complete Fall 2003 bioassessment sampling by November 2003.


6.      Monitor Spawning Habitat Restoration Project.


7.      Negotiate water supply strategy and budgets quarterly, and secure 2004 Memorandum of Agreement on Carmel River flows by May 2004.


Objective: Manage Water Allocation Mitigation Program Hydrology



1.     Complete annual and long-term mitigation program reports during FY 2003-2004.


2.     Complete WY 2003 District annual water production reporting by February 2004.


3.     Publish Surface Water Resources Data Report by August 2003.


4.     Conduct semi-annual ground water quality monitoring in October 2003 and April 2004.


5.     Prepare 2004 water supply status and forecast report by May 2004.


6.     Activate water level recording and telemetering equipment at Los Padres and Don Juan Bridge sites by November 2003.


7.     Participate in environmental reviews of non-District water supply development projects.