Objective:       Manage and Allocate Available Water



1.      Provide staff support to Information Technology Officer to design and implement a standardized Windows-based property/permitting database.  Completion of the permit process template is expected by May 2004.


2.      Compile a comprehensive policies and procedures manual for the Water Demand Division by February 2004. 


3.      Complete an Environmental Impact Report on eliminating the Water Use Credit Transfer Program by May 2004.


4.      Evaluate and issue water permits for projects within the District and ensure compliance with permit conditions.


5.      Coordinate with jurisdictions regarding water credits and allocations.


6.      Track jurisdiction’s water allocations and provide monthly report to Board.


7.      Review environmental documents on large projects for completeness and accuracy.


8.      Inspect properties for compliance with permit requirements.


9.      Obtain and review water use records of projects that have benefited from Water Use Credit transfers, Ordinance No. 98, and other projects that have specific conditions allowing the District access to water records.


Objective:       Promote Water Conservation



1.      Track changes of ownership and obtain certification of compliance with District rules.


2.      Assess and document Water Use Credits and other permanent reductions in water use.


3.      Expand the District’s toilet replacement rebate program to include rebates for washing machines, dishwashers and cisterns by January 2004.


4.      Monitor Cal-Am consumption for compliance with Regulation 14, Water Conservation.  Enforce as needed.


5.      Upgrade and maintain Internet site to include current and useful information related to WDD policies and procedures, water saving appliances, water credits, and other related information.


6.      Respond to complaints of water waste.


7.      Actively participate as a member of the Water Awareness Committee of Monterey County.


8.      Provide landscape water audits upon request. 


9.      Provide free showerheads, faucet aerators, and positive-action shut-off nozzles.