Measurement Intent

FY 2009-10


FY 2010-11


FY 2011-12


General and Administrative

Citizen/Customer Written Inquiry Response Time



Service level target:  Citizen/customer letters and other inquiries requiring District response acknowledged in writing within 4 work days and full response provided within 30 days


87% in 4 work days


75% in 30 days

28% in 4 work days


11% in 30 days

100% in 4 work days


90% in 30 days

General and Administrative

Board and Committee Meeting Minutes Completion

Service level target:  Draft minutes of regular Board and Committees meetings submitted with next regular meeting packet

Board 100%


Committee 92%

Board 100%


Committee 94%

Board 100%


Committee 95%

General and Administrative

Board Meeting Agenda Packet Delivery


Service level target:  Deliver agenda packets to Directors by Wednesday preceding each regular Monday meeting; and not less than five days prior to special Board meetings

18% Regular Meetings


50% Special Meetings

75% Regular Meetings


0% Special Meetings



* Actual performance through May 2011