Assumptions for FY 2004-2005 Budget Development



A.      Revenues


1.      Current revenue sources remain unchanged.


2.      Water connections estimated at 17 acre-feet


3.                Connection Charge raised 0.5% on 7/1/2004 per Rule 24E  (2004-2005 Charge = $20,517)                       


4.                7.125 % user fee rate for 12 months  (last increase 07/92)


5.                No user fee increase included in the proposed budget


6.                Any potential user fee increase could be considered at midyear (short-term or long term)


7.                Money accumulated for capital projects in previous years used to help pay for 2004-2005 project expenditures



B.      Expenditures


1.      Water Supply Project costs will not be reimbursed by Cal-Am.


2.        One half of rebate cost for Retrofit Replacement Program

         will be reimbursed by Cal-Am.


3.        All costs associated with the administration of the Expanded     Water Conservation and Standby Rationing Plan shall be

         paid by Cal-Am.