Water Demand Committee

June 19, 2003

4:00 PM, District Conference Room



Committee Members:

Molly Erickson – Chair

Judi Lehman

Alexander “Zan” Henson


Staff Contacts:

Stephanie Pintar

Andy Bell

Henrietta Stern


1.       CALL TO ORDER




  1. Review Information and Provide Direction on Water Permitting at CHOMP

            (Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula)

  1. Discuss Draft Findings of Approval and Draft Conditions of Approval for Amendment of Cańada Woods 

            Water Distribution System Permit 

  1. Consider Draft Amendments to Memorandum of Agreement Regarding Management of the Seaside 

            Groundwater Basin Between the MPWMD, Monterey County Water Resources Agency, and the Pajaro 

            Valley Water Management Agency


3.          OTHER ITEMS


4.          ADJOURNMENT