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January 17,  2018

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David J. Stoldt,


Salaries & Benefits


General Manager

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Suresh Prasad

Cost Estimate: 

$7,400 for 5 months


General Counsel Approval:  N/A

Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on January 17, 2018 and recommended ____________.

CEQA Compliance:  This action does not constitute a project as defined by the California Environmental Quality act Guidelines section 15378.


SUMMARY: On May 24, 2017, Tom Lindberg submitted, to the General Manager, a request that his position of Associate Hydrologist be reclassified due to a change in job demands and increase in responsibilities. The General Manager evaluated Mr. Lindberg’s request.  He determined that a reclassification job analysis was justified, and assigned the task to the Human Resources Consultant. The following is that analysis. 


DISCUSSION:  The Associate Hydrologist’s responsibilities have changed over the past several years.  The current job description is focused primarily on managing surface water resources, stream flow monitoring, and flow gauging station maintenance.  A significant portion of duties now include the operation and monitoring of ASR wells, tracking of production wells for compliance, and groundwater monitoring. 


The Associate Hydrologist spends approximately thirty percent of his time operating and maintaining the Aquifer, Storage and Recover (ASR) project facilities. This includes scheduling of backflush and water quality sampling based on sampling plan and regulatory mandates, determining appropriate injection rates, coordinating with outside agencies, troubleshooting operations issues, ensuring compliance with permit criteria, and assuming a lead role to the Water Resources Technician. These are relatively new duties not reflected in the current job descriptions. Scope and responsibilities related to the ASR project have developed over the years as the ASR project has expanded. 


Additional thirty percent of his time is dedicated to overseeing and handling complex issues related to tracking, monitoring productions wells for compliance and water production data. This includes enforcing complex regulations pertaining to well registration, metering, and permitting. Although this particular essential job duty is not new, it has developed in complexities over the years as new regulations have been implemented.


DETERMINATION: The current job description of the Associate Hydrologist no longer reflects the responsibilities and scope of work performed by the position.   A salary survey of comparable classifications was conducted utilizing the same agencies and methodology as the June 2016 Salary and Benefit. After adjusting for cost of labor and removing Alameda County Water District, the 95% of the median top monthly salary was calculated at $8492.42. This would put the proposed salary at range 37 of the 2017/2018 MPWMD salary schedule.


RECOMMENDATION:  Modify the job description to reflect current duties perform by the Associate Hydrologist. Move the Associate Hydrologist to Range 37, Step E on the District’s salary schedule. 


IMPACTS TO STAFF RESOURCES:  Moving the Associate Hydrologist to Range 37, Step E, effective February 1, 2018, would cost approximately $7,400 in salary & benefits.  That would be equal to $13,920 in salary plus $3,700 in benefits over a 12 month period.



5-A      Current Associate Hydrologist Job Description

5-B      Proposed Associate Hydrologist Job Description