Consider Contract for district Public Outreach and Communications Services with TBC CoMMUNICATIONS & MEDIA for Fiscal Year 2017-2018


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June 12, 2017





David J. Stoldt,


Professional Fees


General Manager

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Stephanie Locke

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Committee Recommendation: The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on June 12, 2017 and recommended ____________________________.

CEQA Compliance: This action does not constitute a project as defined by the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines section 15378.


SUMMARY:  Staff is requesting support for renewal of the Districtís contract with TBC Communications & Media for work related to MPWMDís outreach and communications.Funding for contractor assistance with public outreach and communication services was included in the Districtís budget. In addition to the retainer, funds were budgeted for design services for graphic and website design, printing, website upgrades, media buys, etc.


The Public Outreach Committee reviewed an outreach scope of work PowerPoint at its April 12, 2017.Steve Thomas presented a PowerPoint titled MPWMD Outreach Activities Review July 2016 Ė March 2017, which included a plan for future initiatives and the associated cost.He also reviewed a document titled Group Report that analyzed the success of MPWMDís outreach activity across social networking platforms.General Manager Stoldt distributed a document titled Regular Public Outreach Messaging that listed topics that could be covered in monthly radio and newspaper reports to the public. The committee discussed the proposed outreach plans and indicated support for publication of print ads/articles monthly, and airing quarterly radio advertisements.


Staff will provide the proposed retainer and Scope of Work at the Administrative Committee meeting.


RECOMMENDATION: The Administrative Committee should recommend the Board approve a contract with TBC Communication & Media for outreach services for Fiscal Year 2017-18. Approval of this item will be contingent upon adoption of the FY 2017-2018 budget by the District Board.