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July 11, 2016




David J. Stoldt,




General Manager

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Cynthia Schmidlin

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General Counsel Approval:N/A

Committee Recommendation:The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on July 11, 2016, and recommended ____________________.

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SUMMARY: On February 29, 2016, Conservation Representative IIís, Gabriela Ayala and Stephanie Kister sent the General Manager a request for reclassification review of their Conservation Representative I/II developmental positions in the Water Demand Division.


The General Manager determined that there was merit to the request. A reclassification analysis was performed, involving the General Manager, Water Demand Manager and Human Resources Analyst. This analysis determined that there have been numerous changes in the duties the two employees perform, resulting in a significant increase in the level of skill and responsibility associated with their job functions.It supported reclassification of the two Conservation Representative I/II positions to Conservation Analyst.The unfunded Conservation Analyst position that appears on the current organization chart would be funded, along with an additional Conservation Analyst position. Two of the four Conservation Representative I/II positions would be eliminated.


RECOMMENDATION: Authorize reclassification of two Conservation Representative I/II positions (Exhibit 7-A), Range 20/24 of the Districtís Salary Chart, to Conservation Analyst (Exhibit 7-B) positions, placed at Range 30 of the Districtís Salary Chart. Authorize a change to the Districtís current Organization Chart (Exhibit 7-C) to reflect these changes (Exhibit 7-D).


IMPACTS TO STAFF/RESOURCES:Reclassification of two Conservation Representative IIís to Conservation Analysts and placement of the incumbents in Range 30 would be effective August 1, 2016, in accordance with the provisions of the Memorandums of Understanding.It would cost approximately $14,000 for the remainder of FY 2016-2017.This amount would be addressed in the mid-year budget adjustment.


BACKGROUND: The following summarizes the basis for the recommended reclassifications:


Gabriela Ayala and Stephanie Kister are performing duties at a higher level than those described at the Conservation Representative II level in the current Conservation Representative I/II job classification.

New duties that are beyond the scope and complexity of those performed by a Conservation Representative II, are listed below:


1) †††† Extensive Deed Restriction review and determination.Since 2013, all water permits applications are subject to at least one deed restriction.

2)††††† Application and interpretation of the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO), with changes incorporated in 2015. This involves processing of all applications for new and refurbished landscapes subject to MWELO, conducting inspections and receiving certifications related to the permits. Certification as a Landscape Irrigation Auditor is required.††

3)            Development and implementation of new Water Conservation Programs for residential and commercial customers, requiring certification as a Water Conservation Practitioner. This includes conducting the most technical water conservation audits, estimating water savings for large complex properties, and assessing technical engineering reports from third party agencies.

4)            Expanded Public Outreach activities, working on the design, writing and coordination of production and distribution of publications regarding District-hosted workshops.Work on the planning and organization of community outreach events and updates of the Districts website and Facebook page have become regular responsibilities.

5)            Management of the overall water allocation program for the District, including tracking of the use of water, available supply and permit activity. Responsibilities also cover the management of the Entitlements for the Pebble Beach Company, City of Sand City and newly created entitlements such as the Malpaso Water Company.

6)            Assumption of the Water Distribution Systems Permits Confirmation of Exemption Process from the Planning and Engineering Department. This requires analysis of technical memorandums, Monterey County Environmental Health Bureau Well Reports, Department of Water Resources Well Completion Reports, and Hydrogeologic Assessment Reports.Duties include interpretation of Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreements for Limited Liability Companies, Deeds of Trust, Grant Deeds and other legal documents to determine ownership of a property with limitations of use.

7)            General knowledge and use of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and its applications in the preparation of Notices of Preparation, Initial Study, Notices of Determination, Notices of Exemption, and responses to Environmental Impact Reports.

8)            Daily supervision and training of lower level staff in the Water Demand Department.


These increased responsibilities, as well as other complex tasks involving analytical work and policy interpretation, are required for the efficient functioning of the Water Demand Division in its current role. A higher-level position in the Conservation career ladder has been anticipated for some time. The position of Conservation Analyst was created in 2009, but never filled, due to prior emphasis on the collection and analysis of consumption data that has never been acquired.However, it has remained on the Districtís Organization Chart in an unfunded status.With the addition of new duties that reflect the needs of the District in 2016, this position is appropriate for the reclassification of the Conservation Representative IIís who have been required to work far beyond the level of their current position.



7-A††††† Conservation Representative I/II Job Description

7-B††††† Conservation Analyst Job Description

7-C††††† Current District Organization Chart

7-D††††† Proposed District Organization Chart