Documents submitted at the November 16, 2015 MPWMD Board Meeting

Ř  Item 9

Presentation from Monterey Peninsula Unified School District on Recent Water Conservation Successes

Ř  Item 10

General Manager’s Report:  Status Report on California American Water Compliance with State Water Resources Control Board Order 2009-0060 and Seaside Groundwater Basin Adjudication Decision

Ř  Item 11

General Manager’s Report:  Update on Development of Water Supply Projects

Ř  Item 12

General Manager’s Report: Report on Drought Response

Ř  Item 14

General Manager’s Report: Report on GASB 68 Reporting Requirements

Ř  Item 18

Consider Approval of Application #WDS-20150922 DBO to Amend California American Water Distribution System – Transfer of D.B.O. Development Water Rights in Seaside Basin, APN 011-011-051 (Donor Parcel), Sand City

Ř  Item 19

Draft 11/12/15 Version No. 4 Application for Order Modifying state Water Board Order WRO 2009-0060 (Cease and Desist Order); pages 2-3

Ř  Item 22

Letter from John Narigi, Coalition of Peninsula Businesses