Documents submitted at the June 15, 2015 MPWMD Board Meeting

  Item 4

Revised Staff Report Consider Adoption of Resolution 2015-11 Revision to Meeting Rule No. 7.D. Seaside Groundwater Basin Watermaster

  Item 14

General Managers Report: Status Report on Cal-Am Compliance with SWRCB Orders and Seaside Basin Decision as of June 1, 2015 (MPWMD Presentation)

  Item 15

Update on Development of Water Supply Projects

Article by Robert MacLean titled: Building bridges to water (submitted by MPWMD staff)

  Item 16

Report on Drought Response (MPWMD Presentation)

  Item 18

Application to Amend California American Water Distribution System Interconnection of Ryan Ranch and Bishop Units in Seaside Basin for Emergency Use

  Item 19

Consider Adoption of July-September 2015 Quarterly Water Supply Strategy and Budget for California American Water (MPWMD Presentation)


Exhibit 19-C (submitted by MPWMD staff)

  Item 20

Review Proposed MPWMD Budget for Fiscal Year 2015-2016 (MPWMD Presentation)