Documents submitted at the February 18, 2015 MPWMD Board Meeting


  Item 9

General Managers Report

  Item 10

MPWSP Anticipated Schedule

  Item 14_Exhibit 14-B

Exhibit 14-B: Table XIV-1/Rebate Amounts

  Item 15

Consider First Reading of Ordinance N. 164, Establishing Water Permit Requirements for Outdoor Restaurant Seating at Restaurants

  Item 15_Exhibit 15-A_Attach 1

Table 2: Non-Residential Water Use Factors

  Item 16

Consider Adoption of Mid-Year Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Budget Adjustment

  Item 16_Exhibit 16-A

Mid-Year Budget Adjustment - Revenues

  Item 16_Exhibit 16-D

Mid-Year Budget Adjustment-Project Expenditures

  Item 19

Original CDO