CONSIDER expenditure of BUDGETED Funds for Sleepy Hollow Steelhead Rearing Facility Stand-by Generator Maintenance SERVICE with Quinn POWER Systems FOR FISCAL YEAR 2009-10


Meeting Date:

December 14, 2009





Darby Fuerst,

General Manager


Aquatic Resources/Fisheries



Line Item No.:

2-3-1 E


Prepared By:

Cory Hamilton

Cost Estimate:



General Counsel Review:  N/A

Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on December 8, 2009 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:  N/A


SUMMARY: The emergency stand-by generator at the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District’s (District) Sleepy Hollow Steelhead Rearing Facility (Facility) requires periodic and pre-season preventive maintenance services each year to keep it in proper working condition.  This generator provides the power necessary to run the water and air pumps, cooling tower fans, blowers, and the computer system at the Facility in case of a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) power outage.  For the past ten years, the District has employed Quinn Power Systems (Quinn) of Salinas to provide the required maintenance for the Facility’s 250 kW Caterpillar generator.  A summary of estimated services to be performed in FY 2009-10 is attached as Exhibit 6-A.


RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the General Manager to expend budgeted funds to pay Quinn for the periodic and preventive maintenance services on the Facility’s emergency generator during FY 2009–10 (Exhibit 6-A), for a total amount not to exceed $5,000.   


IMPACT TO STAFF/RESOURCES:  The District has contracted with Quinn to service the emergency standby generator at the District’s Sleepy Hollow Steelhead Rearing Facility for the past ten years.  For FY 2009-10, $5,000 was budgeted for generator maintenance service (Project Expenditures, Program 2-3-1 E). 



6-A      Summary Estimate of Services to be performed by Quinn Power Systems in FY 09/10