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November 16, 2009





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Exhibit 28-A shows the water supply status for the Monterey Peninsula Water Resources System (MPWRS) as of November 1, 2009.This system includes the surface water resources in the Carmel River Basin, the groundwater resources in the Carmel Valley Alluvial Aquifer and the Seaside Groundwater Basin. Exhibit 28-A focuses on four factors: rainfall, runoff, storage, and steelhead.The report is limited to the water year that began October 1, 2009 and will end September 30, 2010 (WY 2010).The rainfall and streamflow values are based on measurements recorded in the upper Carmel River Basin at San Clemente Dam.This site was selected because of its location above storage facilities and the availability of long-term rainfall and runoff records.


Water Supply Status:As shown, rainfall during October 2009, the first month of WY 2010 totaled 5.11 inches, which is 712% of the long-term average.This rainfall total is the largest on record for the month of October.Runoff during October 2009 to date has totaled 5,749 acre-feet (AF), which is 1636% of average and is also the largest month on record.Usable storage, which includes surface and groundwater, was 29,841 AF or 116% of average at the end of October 2009.This storage equates to 79% of system capacity.In addition, 2 adult steelhead were counted in the fish ladder at San Clemente Dam and 0 juvenile steelhead have been rescued from drying reaches of the Carmel River mainstem by District staff in WY 2010 to date.


Production Compliance:Under State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Order No. WR 95-10, California American Water (Cal-Am) is allowed to produce 11,285 AF of water from the Carmel River in WY 2009.In addition, under the Seaside Basin Decision, Cal-Am is allowed to produce 3,191 AF of water from the Coastal Subareas and 271 AF from the Laguna Seca Subarea of the Seaside Groundwater Basin in WY 2009, as modified by the Seaside Basin Watermaster in May 2009.Altogether, Cal-Am is currently allowed to produce 14,476 AF from Carmel River and Seaside Coastal sources for customers in its main Monterey system and 271 AF from the Laguna Seca Subarea for customers in its Laguna Seca subsystems, i.e., Ryan Ranch, Hidden Hills, and Bishop Systems.For WY 2010 through October 2009, Cal-Am has diverted 1,092 AF from the Carmel River and Seaside basins for customer use.This water production is 249 AF or approximately 19% less than the target specified for Cal-Amís production from the MPWRS for WY 2010 to date. ††A monthly breakdown of Cal-Amís production from the Carmel River and the Seaside Groundwater Basin Subareas for WY 2010 to date is included as Exhibit 28-B.Cal-Amís production from the Carmel River Basin is reduced for diversions that are made for injection into the Seaside Basin.During WY 2010, the District injected 0 AF of water from the Carmel River into the Seaside Groundwater Basin, based on the Districtís meter readings at the Phase 1 ASR site, and has recovered 0 AF for customer use.


28-A††† Water Supply Status: November 1, 2009

28-B††† Monthly Cal-Am Diversions from Carmel River and Seaside Groundwater Basins:Water Year 2009††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††