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September 21, 2009







Darby Fuerst,


Temporary Personnel


General Manager

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Cynthia Schmidlin

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Committee Recommendation:The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on September 15th and recommended approval.

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SUMMARY:In order to complete the process of digitizing all records in the Water Demand Division, the hard-copy property files in 22 file cabinets must be scanned, converted to digital images, and linked to the new data base.The documents to be scanned include all inspections, correspondence, water conservation certifications, documented water credits, water permit applications and approved permits, deed restrictions, related staff reports, posting notices, and photos.This will be a labor-intensive activity, estimated to take approximately 2,300 hours of work, based upon preliminary scanning of similar files.Water Demand Division staff would be severely impacted in their ability to serve the needs of District customers if they attempted to incorporate this task into their regular duties.A more practical solution, at approximately half the hourly cost, would be to contract with either an employment agency or consulting firm to provide a temporary worker for this purpose.Water Demand Division staff have determined that their physical office space would best accommodate one individual, in addition to their regular staff, working on this task. Temporary help could work up to approximately 1,500 hours during the remainder of FY 2009-2010.The rest of the required scanning would take place in FY 2010-2011.


The District has contracted with the consulting firm, Zone 24X7, to provide programming services for the new data base.They have submitted a basic scope of work for the scanning project, at a cost of approximately $45,417, or $19.85 per hour. Universal Staffing, Inc. a long-established Monterey employment agency, has reviewed the requirements needed for the scanning project, and indicated they have many qualified candidates available for long-term assignments at billing rates of $18.50 to $19.50 per hour.


Zone 24X7 has provided excellent work at competitive costs for the more highly specialized tasks surrounding creation and implementation of the Districtís new data base system.However, scanning and saving digital files on our computer system are basic clerical functions that require attention to detail, but can be performed by a large number of individuals.Universal Staffing is a local company, employing Monterey Peninsula residents.Universal would be able to provide the District with a choice of willing and competent individuals at hourly billing rates that are less than those proposed by Zone 24X7.


RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the expenditure of funds to enter into an agreement with Universal Staffing, Inc. to provide an individual, or successive individuals if necessary, to work on the Water Demand Division scanning project in FY 2009-2010.


IMPACTS TO STAFF/RESOURCES: The proposed budget for FY 2009-2010 includes $45,000 for temporary help in the Water Demand Division.A temporary worker from Universal Staff, employed for the maximum 1,496 hours available to work during the current year, would cost up to $29,172.


BACKGROUND: The District has been working on upgrading the extensive data base system in the Water Demand Division since 2004.Programming has been completed and Division staff members are now engaged in implementing the new system, which incorporates information previously stored in five separate older generation databases. One of the final phases of the upgrading process is scanning the Districtís property files, saving the resulting digital documents and linking them to the new data base system.