Meeting Date:

May 21, 2009





Darby Fuerst,

General Manager


Promote Best Management Practices



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Prepared By:

Stephanie Pintar

Cost Estimate:

NTE $100,000


General Counsel Approval:N/A

Committee Recommendation:The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on May 13, 2009 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:N/A


SUMMARY: MPWMD and California American Water collaborate to complete and update Landscape Water Audits and Budgets required under Regulation XV, the Expanded Water Conservation and Standby Rationing Plan.MPWMD manages the contracts with the Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors (CLIA) and California American Water supplies the contractors with the information necessary to schedule and complete the audits and budgets.All funding for the landscape auditor contracts is reimbursable by California American Water.MPWMD expects to receive $475,000 over the next three years to support this effort as part of the conservation budget pending before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).MPWMD currently has $200,000 for audits/budgets in the FY 2008-2009 budget.


Staff has identified a new source for CLIA to assist with efforts to complete Landscape Water Audits and Budgets.WaterWise Consulting, Inc., with offices in San Jose, has one CLIA available at this time to conduct audits and budgets for MPWMD.It is possible that WaterWise will locate additional CLIA to support the effort.†† Staff is requesting authorization from the Board for the General Manager to enter into a contract with WaterWise Consulting, Inc., in an amount not-to-exceed $100,000, to conduct Landscape Water Audits and prepare Landscape Water Budgets in compliance with Rule 172.


WaterWise Consulting, Inc., has agreed to contract with MPWMD under the same terms and conditions as the current contractors at a rate of $125/hour, which is reasonable and in keeping with both industry standards and with the Districtís current contract with Pacific Water Management.District staff has reviewed work products and references of the company and recommends WaterWise Consulting, Inc. for a contract to conduct Landscape Water Audits and prepare Landscape Water Budgets.WaterWise Consulting, Inc. is a reputable water conservation service provider who has contracted for conservation work with other water purveyors and public agencies such as Santa Clara Valley Water District, Casitas Municipal Water District, Regional Water Authority (Sacramento), and Metropolitan Water District (Los Angeles), among others.


RECOMMENDATION:When adopted with the Consent Calendar, the General Manager will be authorized to enter into contract with WaterWise Consulting, Inc., in an amount not-to-exceed $100,000 for the purpose of completing Landscape Water Audits and Landscape Water Budgets to comply with the requirements set forth in District Rule 161 and the procedures set forth in Rule 172.


IMPACT TO STAFF/RESOURCES:Funding is available through reimbursement by CAW through Special Request 7 (SR7) of the last General Rate Case until the adoption of the conservation filing (A.07.12-010) pending before the CPUC. Once approved by the CPUC, the conservation surcharge currently pending MPWMD will receive $475,000 to comply with Rule 161 and 172.


BACKGROUND:The District, in partnership with California American Water (CAW), provides audits and landscape water budgets free of charge to all water users of CAW that have dedicated landscape meters or large irrigated areas over three acres, and to all large residential water users that use more than 32 units per month average as required by District Rule 172. Stage 2 Water Conservation (and higher stages) requires implementation of Landscape Water Budgets to attain water reductions to stay within the annual water use limit.During Stage 2, all water users required to have a Landscape Water Budget are required to manage outdoor irrigation within their budget.Use in excess of the established Landscape Water Budget is considered Water Waste and is subject to Water Waste fees and enforcement.


Since March 2008, MPWMD has managed contracts with two CLIA for Landscape Water Audits and Budgets.The addition of a third contractor would aid in completion of the audits.There are currently over 400 California American Water customers needing water audits and budgets, including Large Residential Water Users and dedicated irrigation meter customers in the Bishop, Hidden Hills, and Ryan Ranch systems.Every Water Year, the list of customers is revisited by California American Water to identify new additions and deletions.Completion of these Landscape Water Audits and Landscape Water Budgets is a goal acknowledged by MPWMD, California American Water, CPUCís Division of Ratepayer Advocates, and the Administrative Law Judge assigned to the conservation filing currently pending at the CPUC. To date, completion of audits/budgets has been time-consuming due to a shortage of local CLIA and the length of time it takes to schedule, conduct and complete audits and budgets.