Consider adoption of resolution no. 2009-02 DECLARING may as water awareness month


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April 20, 2009





Darby Fuerst,




General Manager

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Stephanie Pintar

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SUMMARY:  Resolution 2009-03 (Exhibit 3-A) supports May 2009 as “Water Awareness Month.”  The California Water Awareness Campaign is a yearlong effort by organizations throughout California to heighten public awareness of water and the role water agencies and allied entities play in conservation, management, water supply, water quality and distribution. The campaign focuses on the month of May each year with the observance of Water Awareness Month.  MPWMD supports Water Awareness Month in May as an opportunity to remind residents about the importance of water conservation.


A major goal adopted by the District Board is to promote water conservation and education regarding water issues.  District activities focus on public education to encourage Peninsula residents and businesses to continue on-going water conservation practices.  As a member of the Water Awareness Committee (WAC) of Monterey County, the District supports and participates in water conservation education and activities.  The District and California American Water (CAW) partner on many local water conservation programs and support a cooperative water conservation rebate program.


RECOMMENDATION:  District staff recommends that the Board approve Resolution 2009-02, A Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District Proclaiming May 2009 as Water Awareness Month.  This item will be approved if adopted along with the Consent Calendar.


BACKGROUND:  The District has carried out a comprehensive water conservation program since 1986. The District has water conservation regulations that support efficient plumbing fixtures and prohibit water waste. The comprehensive joint MPWMD/CAW Water Saving Appliance Rebate Program has been recently expanded to include rebates for High Efficiency Toilets, high efficiency dishwashers and washing machines, instant-access hot water systems, zero water consumption urinals, smart controllers, rain sensors, soil moisture sensors and cisterns.  The District’s Expanded Water Conservation and Standby Rationing Plan has been successful in keeping community water use below regulatory the limits. 



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