Meeting Date:

December 8, 2008




Darby Fuerst,




General Manager

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Prepared By:

Rick Dickhaut

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General Counsel Approval:N/A

Committee Recommendation:The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on November 10, 2008, and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:N/A


SUMMARY: In February 2008, an individual reclassification request was submitted by the Human Resources Analyst to former General Manager, David Berger. Mr. Berger determined that a reclassification analysis of the Human Resources Analyst position was justified.The current General Manager, Darby Fuerst, concurred with this opinion.As a result, Administrative Services Manager/Chief Financial Officer, Rick Dickhaut, was directed to contract with a qualified outside compensation analyst to perform the analysis.Similar to previous requests, this request was processed in the order received.Mr. Dickhaut selected Sheila Forsberg of Johnson and Associates due to her familiarity with District positions. Ms. Forsberg was the lead consultant for the Districtís 2001 Classification and Compensation Study. This is the last of a number of reclassification requests submitted starting in 2006.


The Johnson and Associates reclassification analysis (Exhibit 4-A) determined that there has been significant expansion of the Human Resources Analystís duties and level of responsibility since the last District Compensation Study.Administrative Services Manager/Chief Financial Officer Dickhaut and General Manager Fuerst reviewed the analysis and agree with its determinations and recommendations.


RECOMMENDATION: Authorize movement of the Human Resources Analyst classification from Range 25 to Range 30 on the Districtís Salary Chart. There would be no change to the Districtís organization chart.There will be a change from the current job description (Exhibit 4-B) to a revised job description (Exhibit 4-C), reflecting the current duties and responsibilities of the position.


IMPACTS TO STAFF/RESOURCES:Changing the Human Resources Analyst to Range 30 on the Salary Chart would cost approximately $2,378 in Fiscal Year 2008-09. This would represent an increase of $4,076 over a 12 month period.While funds for this reclassification were not specifically included in the 2008-09 budget, staff has determined that the budget contains sufficient funds to cover this additional cost.


BACKGROUND: The Human Resources Analyst has been assigned new and more responsible duties in order to address changes at the District.Employer-employee relations have evolved into a more complex process, similar to that found in larger organizations. The presence of a human resources generalist on staff, with substantive professional experience in compensation and labor relations prior to joining the District, has allowed work to be performed in-house that would otherwise have to be performed by consultants at much greater cost.The autonomy of the classification, similar to that of the Accountant, allows the Administrative Services Manager/Chief Financial Officer to focus on critical issues at a higher level of responsibility.



4-A††††† Reclassification Analysis for Human Resources Analyst

4-B††††† Current Human Resources Analyst Job Description

4-C††††† New Human Resources Analyst Job Description