Meeting Date:

October 20, 2008





Darby Fuerst,


Database Project


General Manager





Line Item No.:††



Prepared By:

Stephanie Pintar

Inder-Mohan S. Osahan

Cost Estimate:

$49,772($35,000 was previously approved by Board in March 2008)






General Counsel Approval:N/A

Committee Recommendation: The Administrative Committee considered this item on October 14, 2008 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:N/A


SUMMARY:Since April 2008, the Districtís Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Water Demand Division (WDD) staff has been working with the Districtís consultant, Zone 24x7, to develop a new database (DB) system.During this time, staff has been working on the user interface and functionality of the new system.To complete the WDD-DB project, including development of a Usersí Manual and staff training, an additional $49,772 is needed.This amount includes $35,000 for tasks previously identified and approved by the Board, but not included in the original Zone 24x7 contract.Funds for this work have been carried over from previous yearsí budgets and are available in the Districtís general operating reserve fund.A proposal for the additional work by Zone 24x7 was negotiated by staff and is included as (Exhibit 5-A).The cost for the additional work by Zone 24x7totals $44,772 and includes the items below:


1)      Invoice Module

2)      Time Tracking Module

3)      Enforcement Module

4)      User Guide for the new system

5)      Training for staff on the new system


In addition to the work by Zone 24x7, additional systems integration and technical support by CJM Networking is needed for a not-to-exceed amount of $5,000.††


RECOMMENDATION:†† District staff recommends that the Board authorize the General Manager to amend the District professional services agreement with Zone 24x7, for a fixed price amount of $44,772 to develop, deploy and maintain the new WDD database system.The payment schedule is based on tasks to be completed and accepted by District staff (Exhibit 5-A).In addition, staff recommends that the Board authorize an additional $5,000 for systems integration and setup technical support from CJM Networking for the testing and implementation of the new database system.The total expenditure for the two consultants will not exceed $49,772.The Administrative Committee considered this matter at its October 14, 2008 meeting and voted 3 to 0 to recommend approval.


BACKGROUND:WDD staff and the CTO have been working with software vendor, Zone 24x7, on clarifying the functionality of the new system. There is regular communication and clarifications provided for each module that is being designed and built as per the adopted project plan. WDD staff has taken full ownership of the project so that they will be able to design the user interface and functionality with technical assistance from the CTO.The requirements and needs of the WDD were detailed in the original scope of work and design of the new software. As time has progressed, changes have been made to accommodate the new rules and regulations that have passed since the project started in April 2008. Zone 24x7 has been cooperative and included these changes as needed and continued with the remaining modules to be developed with a change in scope of work that has already been agreed upon.


Currently, the project is scheduled to be completed by July 2009 and WDD staff has been providing the quality assurance needed for the proper functionality of the system.


IMPACT ON STAFF AND RESOURCES: The Districtís FY 2008-09 budget includes $288,000 under Objective 4-1-3, Database Project Programming, for this effort.If this new work is approved, the additional $49,772 will be transferred from the Districtís general operating reserve fund in February 2009 as part of the mid-year budget adjustment.Of this amount, $35,000 is for additional tasks identified by staff in March 2008 when the project was approved, $9,772 is for new tasks to be provided by Zone 24x7 and $5,000 is for technical support from CJM Networking.


WDD staff and the CTO will continue to work with Zone 24x7 as the new software is being developed.Regular meetings are required to ensure that the software being developed is based on the requirements that were included in the original Request for Proposals.WDD staff has been working with the consultant to ensure that the program works as designed and has seen the first demonstration of the new software.It is anticipated that District staff will continue to be contributing 16-20 hours a week as the project nears completion.



5-A †††† Zone 24x7 Amended Proposal