Meeting Date:

May 19, 2008





Darby Fuerst,

General Manager


Computer Equipment and Programs




Prepared By:


E. Sandoval

Cost Estimate:


Administrative Services Division Manager/Chief Financial Officer Review:  Yes

Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on May 13, 2008 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:  N/A


SUMMARY:  The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD or District) has implemented and is continuing to develop a Geographical Information System (GIS) covering the area within the District boundary.  As part of the 2004 MPWMD Implementation Plan, District staff and management reported a need for periodic update for geospatial data.  Staff recommended a 5 year cycle for orthoimagery updates. The District’s last orthoimagery acquistition took place in 2003.  The purchase of current digital geo-referenced aerial photographic data (orthophotos) will enable MPWMD to produce accurate analysis and monitoring of mitigation projects, assist with water distribution permitting process, monitor river development violations and produce presentation materials to facilitate internal and public education.  The orthophotos will be used as a base layer for plotting and displaying the locations of various types of data within the MPWMD boundary and will allow MPWMD staff to prepare maps that show geospatial information, such as well locations, Mitigation Program monitoring sites, and individual parcels for MPWMD’s water permit tracking and water conservation program.  In addition to supporting the ongoing activities at the district, immediate use of the orthophotographic products will be for the assessment of Carmel River sedimentation, erosion and displacement.  Work products are shown in Exhibit 3-A.


RECOMMENDATION:  Authorize the General Manager to purchase orthoimagery from HJW Geospatial, Inc. at a cost not to exceed $56,610.


IMPACTS ON STAFF AND RESOURCES:  The Fiscal Year 2007-2008 budget includes funds to purchase orthoimagery.  Funds in the amount of $55,000 are budgeted under Capital Assets, Computer Equipment, Aerial orthophotos for the Monterey Peninsula (Account No. 99-9160).  Costs for the orthophotos will be $56,610 and the project schedule is outlined in  Exhibit 3-B.  This amount will be partially subsidized by California American Water CAW, in the amount of $19,120 for overlapping areas of interest along the Carmel River corridor.  The remaining cost of $37,490 is less than the $55,000 budgeted.  The agreement with HJW Geospatial. Inc. will be administered by Eric Sandoval, GIS Specialist, for MPWMD.


BACKGROUND:  In 2003, MPWMD contracted with Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG). to provide orthophotos.  MPWMD staff would like to updated these datasets to maintain accurate and current information for its mitigation, conservation and permitting activities. HJW Geospatial, Inc will fly the aerial photographs and then process the images into a digitally accurate, seamless format.  MPWMD is working to create a cost-sharing agreement with CAW for photographic “tiles” of overlapping areas of interest.  Exhibit 3-A shows the tiles MPWMD will be receiving, along with the overlap with CAW.  The cost estimate and project schedule submitted by HJW is outlined in Exhibit 3-B. The full proposal submitted by HJW Geospatial, Inc, is available at the MPWMD office for public review.


Annually, CAW is required to have aerial photography flown of Carmel Valley from the ocean to San Clemente Reservoir as a condition of the use permit issued by Monterey County for their four lower Carmel Valley wells.  For the past twenty years, the District has received these photos in hardcopy format.  Because these photos have not been digitally processed, they can’t be synthesized into the District or CAW GIS easily.  As part of the District wide effort to synthesize and make geospatial data more readily available to staff, the public and the Board, District staff recommends CAW acquire orthorectified aerial photos.  The 2008 Orthoimagery survery provides an economic and cost effective dataset for integrating aerial photo imagery into the MPWMD GIS system.


The final product will be a combination of photographic “tiles” covering all lands within the District boundary and overlapping areas along the Carmel River corridor.  Parts of the Carmel Valley corridor will be imaged at three (3)-inch photographic resolution (each pixel of the photo represents a 3” square of ground).  Outlying rural and urban areas within the District will be six (6) inch resolution.



3-A.  Request for Proposals for Orthimagery Services

3-B.  Project Schedule and Cost Estimate