Meeting Date:

December 10, 2007





David A. Berger,


1.2 Water Supply


General Manager

Line Item No.:

1-2-1 A.1


Prepared By:

Joe Oliver

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General Counsel Approval:  Yes

Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on December 3, 2007 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:  N/A


SUMMARY:  The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD or District) Board will consider approval of an agreement between the Marina Coast Water District (MCWD), Monterey County Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) and MPWMD regarding the use of water from the MCWD distribution system to facilitate testing at the MPWMD’s Phase 1 Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) facility near General Jim Moore Boulevard in Seaside.  Specifically, up to 300 acre-feet of water would be used to conduct a short-term (one to three weeks) “dual-well” injection test during Water Year (WY) 2008.  The Phase 1 ASR project is designed to have both ASR wells operating simultaneously during peak injection periods, and the planned testing would provide an empirical experiment of this mode of operation.  Water from the MCWD system is needed as current constraints on the California American Water (CAW) system preclude delivery of water to support the planned testing rate of up to 3,000 gallons per minute or approximately 13 acre-feet per day for the injection testing.  There is an existing connection to the MCWD system located approximately 500 feet from the Phase 1 ASR site.  At this time, it appears that MCWD system water could be delivered without the need to transport this water through the CAW distribution system to get to the ASR wells.  However, if the CAW system is needed and CAW requires that they be added to the agreement in order to facilitate water delivery for this testing, then the agreement could be modified to include CAW as a signatory.  There is no provision in the agreement for cost of the water provided by MCWD in support of this testing.  The agreement does include that the same quantity of water used for this testing shall be available for recovery back into the MCWD distribution system at a later time for emergency or other need by the MCWD.  The proposed agreement is provided as Exhibit 6-A, and does not include CAW as a signatory.  The MCWD Board reviewed and approved this agreement at their meeting on November 14, 2007.  Prior to that meeting, MPWMD, MCWD and MCWRA legal counsels collaborated in review and approval of the agreement.


RECOMMENDATION:  Staff recommends that the Board review the three-party agreement in Exhibit 6-A, and authorize the General Manager to finalize and sign the agreement to allow MCWD system water to be used for the planned short-term injection testing at the Phase 1 ASR facility during Water Year 2008. 


BACKGROUND:  In April 2007, the District made a formal request to the MCWD regarding the potential use of MCWD system water to support the planned dual-well injection testing at the Phase 1 ASR facility (Exhibit 6-B).  During subsequent meetings and correspondence with MCWD staff, it was determined that an agreement for this purpose should be prepared.  Accordingly, MPWMD counsel, in cooperation with counsels from MCWD and MCWRA, prepared a draft agreement, and the agreement concept was first brought to the MCWD Board as a discussion item on July 11, 2007.  Based on that discussion, a provision was added to the agreement indicating that the actions contemplated in the agreement comply with MCWRA Act.  On October 24, 2007, the MCWD Board received an update on the ASR project and a brief review of the proposed agreement.  On November 14, 2007, the MCWD Board authorized the agreement, which includes the language indicating compliance with the MCWRA Act.


In addition to the benefit to the MPWMD, the planned testing will also benefit the MCWD in that the same quantity of water can be recovered for future delivery back into the MCWD system in the event that service could not be provided due a service interruption, such as a major pipeline failure along General Jim Moore Boulevard, reduced delivery out of MCWD wells, or during maintenance along the southern portion of the MCWD distribution system.


Once the agreement is finalized, it is anticipated that the planned dual-well injection testing can be undertaken during WY 2008 at a time that is agreeable to all the parties.  Work to coordinate this effort is being considered and included in the planned assistance from Pueblo Water Resources on the WY 2008 recharge program.  MPWMD staff will also bring this matter to the Seaside Basin Watermaster Board for their review and consideration prior to conducting the planned injection testing.


IMPACT TO STAFF/RESOURCES:  A significant staff effort has been expended in planning, coordinating, analyzing and overseeing work on the District’s ASR testing program in the Seaside Basin.  The District is currently expanding that level of effort with the implementation of the Phase 1 ASR Project during FY 2007-2008.  While there is no direct cost associated with the coordination agreement considered under this item, the preparations for the planned injection testing will have associated staff and contractor costs that are being included separately from this item.



6-A      Coordination Agreement between MPWMD, MCWD, and MCWRA for ASR Injection Testing

6-B      MPWMD request letter to MCWD dated April 11, 2007





J. Oliver, 11/28/07, 2 pages