Meeting Date:

December 10, 2007





David A. Berger,


1.2 Water Supply


General Manager

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1-2-1 A.1


Prepared By:

Joe Oliver

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General Counsel Approval:  N/A

Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on December 3 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:  N/A


SUMMARY:  The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (District) Board will consider approval of budgeted funds to amend its existing contract with Pueblo Water Resources, Inc. (Pueblo) to assist staff with implementation of the planned activities for the Water Year (WY) 2008 recharge season as part of the Seaside Basin ground water injection testing program (also know as aquifer storage and recovery, or ASR).  Specifically, this year’s program is planned to include construction oversight of new underground utilities and associated site work for the recently-completed second injection well, ASR Well No. 2, located at the District’s Phase 1 ASR Project facility near General Jim Moore Boulevard on former Fort Ord property in Seaside.  In addition, it is planned to conduct injection testing at both the new ASR well and the existing ASR No. 1 well, potentially as part of a short-term, dual-well injection test with water supplied from the nearby connection to the Marina Coast Water District (MCWD) distribution system.  A detailed description of the planned WY 2008 recharge season construction management, testing and monitoring activities is provided in Exhibit 5-A.  The total not-to-exceed cost, including a 10% budget contingency ($18,220) is $200,415, which is within the District’s Fiscal Year 2007-2008 budget.


RECOMMENDATION:  Staff recommends that the Board authorize the General Manager to amend the Pueblo contract for assistance in conducting planned WY 2008 recharge season activities at the District’s Phase 1 ASR Project site, in an amount not-to-exceed $200,415.  This includes a “baseline” amount of $182,195 and a $18,220 (10%) contingency, as described in Exhibit 5-A, that would only be utilized if authorized by the District staff, based on written justification. 


BACKGROUND:  The District has undertaken an extensive effort over the last several years in planning studies for the Phase 1 ASR Project, culminating in the Board’s adoption of a certified Environmental Impact Report / Environmental Assessment for the project on August 21, 2006.  Subsequently, the U.S. Army granted a Right-of-Entry to the District for the Phase 1 ASR site

expansion on September 19, 2006, and the City of Seaside issued a Conditional Use Permit for the site expansion on October 11, 2006.  On September 18, 2006, the Board authorized a contract with Pueblo to assist with preparation of bid materials and construction management services for the construction of SMTIW No. 2.  On November 20, 2006, the Board authorized a contract with Zim Industries, Inc. for well drilling and installation of SMTIW No. 2.  More recently, on October 15, 2007, the Board authorized staff to solicit bids and select a contractor to construct initial appurtenant facilities (i.e., underground water pipelines, underground electrical conduits, expanded backflush percolation pit).


The current work plan under consideration will include the following:


  • Development and implementation of the WY 2008 recharge program,
  • Engineering and construction management for installation of the initial appurtenant facilities for the Phase 1 ASR Project,
  • Assistance with engineering and coordination for temporary intertie to MCWD system for potential “dual-well” injection testing,
  • Ongoing ASR coordination with California American Water for final permanent facilities, and
  • Assistance with regulatory permitting for the project.


The planned work includes additional effort to address concerns that were recently expressed by staff from the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) regarding the use of disinfected (i.e., chlorinated) potable drinking water as the source water for injection in the Seaside Basin.  It is anticipated that there will need to be ongoing meetings with the RWQCB staff to provide additional background, understanding and analysis to resolve these issues.


IMPACT TO STAFF/RESOURCES:  A significant staff effort has been expended in planning, coordinating, analyzing and overseeing work on the District’s ASR testing program in the Seaside Basin.  The District is currently expanding that level of effort with the implementation of the Phase 1 ASR Project during FY 2007-2008.  The work effort and associated costs are for Pueblo’s assistance through the end of FY 2007-2008 (i.e., June 30, 2008).  Approximately $75,000 in costs authorized for Pueblo assistance for the WY 2007 recharge program were not expended due to the dry season conditions and other unavoidable planning and engineering delays.  Accordingly, pertinent work that did not get accomplished during this past recharge season is incorporated into the current work plan.  Sufficient budgeted amounts to complete the WY 2008 recharge season program are included in the District’s FY 2007-2008 budget (Goal:  Augment Water Supply, Water Supply Projects, Objective 1-2-1 A, Seaside Basin ASR Project, page 16 of June 18, 2007 adopted budget).  As discussed at the December 3, 2007 Administrative Committee meeting, the current work scope is an extension of the previous technical program efforts for the Phase 1 ASR project.  Accordingly, staff believes that retaining Pueblo for this work is the most prudent and cost-effective approach, given the experience of individuals at this firm with Seaside Basin technical evaluation, and Pueblo’s lower overall cost on previous Requests for Proposals relating to the District’s ASR program.



5-A      Proposal for Professional Services; Phase 1 ASR Project, Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Assistance



J. Oliver, 11/26/07, 2 pages