CONSIDER expenditure of BUDGETED Funds for Geographical INformation system Enterprise edition and IMage processing software upgrade


Meeting Date:

July 16, 2007





David A. Berger


Capital Assets-Software


General Manager

Line Item No.:      99-01-7515




Prepared By:

Eric Sandoval/

Cost Estimate:



Inder-Mohan S. Osahan




Chief Financial Officer Review:  Yes

General Counsel Approval:  N/A

Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on July 10, 2007 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:  N/A


SUMMARY: District staff is requesting authorization to purchase one ArcGIS Server license to centralize the software development platform and one ERDAS LPS digitizing software license upgrade for converting hardcopy photos for computer use.  Since November 2000 staff has been working on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) that allows staff to visualize and analyze datasets maintained by MPWMD to create graphics rich products such as posters, maps and flyers. Initially this computer based system started out as a single user mapping software system that would allow staff to view and analyze projects visually that originally were created by various consulting firms for a variety of projects. Over the years staff successfully has created and manages a District wide GIS program that follows a GIS Implementation Plan to enhance and create graphics products from these datasets in-house. Staff purchased five single user ArcView software licenses to be able to use the development software on multiple computers. There is now a need to upgrade these five single user licenses to an enterprise wide GIS platform. In addition, staff needs to acquire and upgrade software being used to digitize aerial photos that are supplied in hardcopy format by California American Water (CAW) each year.  Exhibit 2-A is a listing of software to be purchased at this time.


RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the General Manager to purchase software in the amount of approximately $17,400.  


IMPACT TO STAFF/RESOURCES:  The FY 2007-2008 Information Technology budget includes sufficient funds in the Capital Assets portion of the budget for these purchases. 


BACKGROUND:  As part of the 2005 MPWMD GIS Implementation Plan, a phased 5-year implementation strategy was recommended and is being followed by staff.  As part of this strategy, a web-based centrally located GIS system was recommended to provide non-technical staff, Board members and the public access to the spatial information, maps and data available in the District GIS.

The current GIS database management systems facilitate the technical management of data within a database accessible only by trained staff.  This GIS Implementation Plan addresses the ease of use of GIS products being developed for all staff, technical and non-technical, to be able to access and work with this system.  A centralized GIS application server will be able to provide easy to use GIS services for staff use via a simplified user interface. A web based mapping application will be developed so that the general public and Board members can access these datasets over a secure internet connection.  This will be an enhancement to the current GIS system and move it towards an enterprise wide application.   


The GIS platform serves many purposes for MPWMD data analysis needs that include map production, spatial analysis in support of engineering, water resource management, fisheries, conservation, and rationing analysis. All of these functions require the examination of geographic data, management and dissemination of these data throughout the District.  The effectiveness of the GIS to better serve the MPWMD staff will be largely achieved through data management functions which are provided with the Enterprise GIS software


In addition to creating the enterprise GIS platform, staff is going to upgrade the ERDAS LPS digitizing software license to a newer version. Annually, CAW is required to have aerial photography flown of Carmel Valley from the ocean to San Clemente Reservoir as a condition of the use permit issued by Monterey County for CAW’s four lower Carmel Valley wells. 


For the past twenty years, the District has received yearly photos in a hardcopy color format.  These colored aerial photos have not been digitally processed and, therefore, cannot be synthesized into the District GIS platform.  As part of the District wide effort to synthesize and make geospatial data more readily available to staff, these photos are being scanned and prepared for digital processing.  The ERDAS LPS software upgrade provides an economical and cost effective method for processing and synthesizing the historic aerial photos.  


Furthermore, after these photos have been digitized to a computer format from hard copies they will be used to identify and track yearly riparian habitat change, river development violations over a period of time and track vegetation change at habitat restoration sites.  The digital, geo-referenced aerial photos will enable staff to produce an accurate base layer of the historical information and use these data for Carmel River riparian and lagoon monitoring activities.


With the software upgrade from a single user development system to an enterprise wide system for GIS needs and the newer version of the digitizing software, staff will be able to successfully create graphics rich products with much ease. Also, this will cut down on the total number of yearly licenses that need to be renewed to stay current with the computer changes that are occurring in the IT industry. This will complete a critical component in the GIS Implementation Plan to enhance and build GIS tools for ease of use and analysis.



2-A      Geographical Information Systems Upgrades List