Consider Approval of General Manager’s Draft PowerPoint Presentation Regarding MPWMD Strategic Water Issues Affecting the Jurisdictions  (note:  Administrative Committee recommends continuing this item to the February 22, 2007 Board meeting to enable its further review of the draft PowerPoint presentation)


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January 25, 2007





David A. Berger,




General Manager

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General Counsel Approval:  N/A

Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on January 18, 2007 and agreed to recommend the Board authorize continued discussion of this item by the Administrative Committee at its February meeting.  The committee took no formal action and agreed that any comments or concerns from other Board members be addressed.

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SUMMARY:  The purpose of this agenda item is for the Board to consider the proposed PowerPoint file regarding MPWMD Strategic Issues (Exhibit 8-A), which the Board has asked to be presented to the land use jurisdictions within the District.  The report also contains the Chair/Vice Chair committee’s proposed approach for Board member involvement in making the presentations.  The Administrative Committee reviewed and recommended approval of this draft PowerPoint file at its January 18, 2007 meeting.     


RECOMMENDATION:   It is recommended that:  1) the Board review, modify if deemed necessary, and approve the draft MPWMD Strategic Issues PowerPoint (Exhibit 8-A); and

2) that the Director whose MPWMD voter district includes (or predominately covers) one or more cities attend that respective city council meeting(s); with Chairman Pendergrass attending the Board of Supervisors meeting and Vice Chairman Edwards attending the Airport Board.      


BACKGROUND:  One of the three-year strategic goals the Board included in its 2006-07 Strategic Plan, is to “Establish respectful and effective relationships among the MPWMD, California American Water, Jurisdictions, and the Watermaster.”  To initially implement that goal the Board created the following objective, and targeted its accomplishment by March 15, 2007:  “Make presentations to each jurisdiction (at City Council, and Monterey County Board of Supervisors) regarding water issues affecting the jurisdictions.”  The Board directed the General Manager to draft a proposed PowerPoint presentation, and asked that Directors volunteer to attend each respective council/board meeting to assist in making the District’s presentation. 

Exhibit 8-B is a list showing the regular meeting schedule of the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, Monterey Peninsula Airport District Board of Directors, and each of the six City Councils.  The   list also shows the individual MPWMD Director that Chairman Pendergrass and Vice Chairman Edwards have requested attend each of the eight meetings.  Staff has advised the chief executives of the eight Jurisdictions of the District’s desire to attend one of their regular meetings for this purpose.      



8-A      Draft MPWMD Strategic Issues PowerPoint presentation

8-B      Listing of Jurisdictions’ Boards/Councils Regular Meeting Schedule