Meeting Date:

December 11, 2006





David C. Laredo,




General Counsel

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Reviewed By:


Stephanie Pintar

Cost Estimate:


General Counsel Approval:  Reviewed by Counsel

Committee Recommendation:  By a vote of 3-0 on November 16, 2006, the Water Demand Committee supports the proposed rebate program expansion.

CEQA Compliance:  Categorical exemption under Class I, §15301


SUMMARY:  District staff is proposing the addition of HET (High Efficiency Toilets) and Waterless Urinals to the list of qualifying devices for the rebate program by adoption of Ordinance No. 127 (attached as Exhibit 13-A).  HET toilets are toilets designed to flush at 20 percent below a 1.6-gallons-per-flush Ultra-Low Flush Toilet or with a maximum average flush of 1.28 gallons.  HET toilets include dual-flush and 1.0 gallon per flush toilets.  The District, as a member of the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC), has been regularly meeting with agencies that are changing their programs to exclusively require HET toilets in place of ULF (1.6 gallons-per-flush) toilets and promoting waterless urinal installations.  Installation of these fixtures appears to be a water conservation trend in California.


The proposed ordinance adds HET and Waterless Urinals to the list of items that qualify for a $100 rebate from the joint District/Cal-Am rebate program.  The ordinance also opens the rebate program to any water user within the District that is supplied by a water distribution system regulated by the District.  This change is recommended to increase District-wide water conservation savings, particularly in light of the recent Seaside Adjudication and continued lack of local water supplies.


This ordinance is exempt from CEQA as a categorical exemption under Class I, §15301 of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Class I exemptions are available for replacement of existing facilities.  A Notice of Exemption will be filed in compliance with CEQA following adoption of the proposed ordinance.


RECOMMENDATION:  It is recommended that the Board approve the first reading of Ordinance No. 127.  If approved, second reading and adoption will be scheduled for the January 2007 meeting.  


DISCUSSION:  Staff recommends modification of the existing rebate program at this time to add two proven water saving fixtures (HET toilets and waterless urinals).  Staff will be proposing a comprehensive revision of the rebate program, including adding the program to the District’s Rules and Regulations and adjustment of the rebate dollar amounts, after approval of the Cal-Am Rate Case and the associated funding that will be available to the District for new conservation programs.   In the interim, staff sees a need to expand the program immediately to encourage water savings resulting from the installation of low consumption appliances and to encourage water savings throughout the District.


The rebate program is jointly funded with Cal-Am.  The District administers the program and tracks the retrofits and water savings that occur.  Cal-Am supports the addition of the waterless urinals and HET toilets to the rebate program and they contribute to both entities’ conservation goals.  Since January 1, 2006, the rebate program has increased water estimated water savings in the Cal-Am systems by 9.772 acre-feet per year; and since the inception of the program in 1997, more than 174 acre-feet of water has been saved.


The Water Demand Committee reviewed the ordinance and staff report at its November 16, 2006 meeting.  The committee unanimously supported staff’s recommendation to expand the rebate program at this time.  The committee also supported reviewing the amounts of rebated dollars offered for water savings relative to each appliance’s cost, prior to the next planned expansion of the program.


IMPACT ON STAFF/RESOURCES:  The cost impact of adding these two new fixtures to the Rebate Program is minimal, and can be accommodated within the existing Water Demand Division 2006/07 budget.




13-A    Draft Ordinance No. 127