Consider Adoption of Resolution No. 2006-05 Expressing Support for Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency’s Proposed Seaside Basin Groundwater Replenishment Project


Meeting Date:

November 20, 2006





David A. Berger,




General Manager

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Andrew Bell

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SUMMARY:  The Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (MRWPCA) has proposed a project, known as the Seaside Basin Groundwater Replenishment Project, to inject highly treated wastewater into the Seaside Groundwater Basin for subsequent recovery and reuse.  During the September 25, 2006 strategic planning session, the MPWMD Board of Directors agreed by consensus to adopt of resolution of support for the MRWPCA project.


RECOMMENDATION:  If this item is approved as part of the Consent Calendar, Board Resolution No. 2006-05, attached as Exhibit 4-A, will be adopted.


BACKGROUND:  The Groundwater Replenishment Project proposes treatment of recycled water to near-potable condition for groundwater percolation or injection into the Seaside Basin.  The purified recycled water source would be available in winter, when it is not used by food crops such as artichokes in the greater Castroville area, and could be put to a beneficial use rather than be discharged into the ocean.   After meeting California Department of Health Services treatment and migration standards, this supplemental source of water could be made available for recovery and potable reuse.  Similar technology has been used successfully in Orange County in Southern California for many years by operation of the Water Factory 21 plant, which creates recycled water for injection into its groundwater basin as a seawater intrusion barrier and for indirect potable and subpotable reuse.  A similar project in Los Angeles County operated by the Central Basin Municipal Water District and the West Basin Municipal Water District is providing water for subpotable uses in their service areas.


The Seaside Basin Groundwater Replenishment Project has been a part of the MPWMD comparative matrix of water supply alternatives in 2005 and 2006.



4-A      Resolution No. 2006-05, A Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District Expressing Support for Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency’s Proposed Seaside Groundwater Basin Replenishment Project