Meeting Date:

February 23, 2006





David A. Berger,




General Manager

Line Item No.:




Prepared By:

Robert Cline

Cost Estimate:

$350 Annually


General Counsel Review:  Yes

Committee Recommendation:  The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on February 15, 2006 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:  N/A


SUMMARY:  The California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) was created to increase efficient water use statewide through partnerships among urban water agencies, public interest organizations, and private entities. The CUWCC's primary goal is to integrate urban water conservation Best Management Practices (Exhibit 5-A) into the planning and management of California's water resources, of which the District has been advocating in its own conservation efforts.  

A historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by nearly 100 water agencies and environmental groups in December, 1991. This MOU has been reviewed by District legal counsel, and is available for further review at the District offices, or online at Since the initial signing of the MOU the CUWCC has grown to over 345 members (Exhibit 5-B). Those signing the MOU pledge to develop and implement fourteen comprehensive water conservation Best Management Practices (BMPs).  The CUWCC MOU is intended to embody general principles agreed upon between and among the signatories and is not intended to create contractual relationships, rights, obligations, duties or remedies in a court of law between or among the signatories.


Cal Am is a signatory to the MOU, and as a Group 1 (water supplier) member, has committed to implementing and reporting the water conservation BMPs.  Cal Am presently reports the District’s conservation programs in conjunction with its own efforts, in order to fulfill the implementation and annual reporting requirements for water suppliers.  As cooperation and partnership in conservation efforts increase between the District and Cal Am, the District would greatly benefit from membership with the CUWCC.  


DISCUSSION:   If the Board adopts this item with the Consent Calendar, the District would be authorized to become a signatory to the MOU.  As illustrated in the CUWCC Membership Packet (Exhibit 5-C), the many benefits of CUWCC Membership include:


·        Increased credibility of water conservation programs.

·        Networking with other agencies on water conservation successes and failures.

·        Participation on CUWCC Committees to oversee research studies.

·        Participation in group conservation programs at a greatly reduced cost.

·        Input into the CALFED BMP certification program.

·        Access to technical advisors.

·        Access to an on-line database that is available to members, with information on conservation activities of agencies submitted through the BMP reporting process. 

·        Access to CUWCC publications, studies, and library materials.

·        Training for staff in conservation, water audits, leak detection and BMP reporting.

·        Access to state loans and grants. 


Membership dues of $350 annually support CUWCC benefits and services. The CUWCC’s dues structure is based upon the Group in which each member is placed.  The District would be considered a Group 3, Section 3, Signatory (Educational institution and governmental agencies) upon adoption of the MOU and signing of the membership packet.  This cost can be covered by the District’s existing budget. 


RECOMMENDATION:  Staff recommends the Administrative Committee recommend the Board adopt the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Urban Water Conservation in California and authorize the General Manager to sign the CUWCC Signature Page as a party therein in accordance with the terms of the MOU.  The General Manager or his designee will represent the District at CUWCC functions and meetings.  District counsel has indicated that the Board has the discretion to take this action.



5-A      Best Management Practices

5-B      List of CUWCC Members

5-C      CUWCC Membership Packet

5-D      CUWCC Membership Dues Information