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April 18, 2005





David A. Berger,




General Manager

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Larry Hampson

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SUMMARY:  At the March 31, 2005 Special Meeting, the Board directed staff to work with the Monterey County Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) and the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency (PVWMA) to develop an “umbrella” plan to integrate various water management plans for the watersheds and groundwater basins under the management of each agency.  The preferred approach to develop such a plan is for the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) to facilitate this effort by applying for a Proposition 50 (Prop 50) grant to develop an “umbrella” Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP).  Part of the scope of this planning grant application would be to develop an IRWMP for the MPWMD region, which consists of the Seaside Groundwater Basin and the watersheds of the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel River, and San Jose Creek.


At the time of writing of this staff note, it is not known whether this effort will move forward in time to complete grant application for an “umbrella” plan.  At the March 31, 2005 Special Meeting, the Board endorsed staff’s recommendation to move forward with a MPWMD planning grant application if AMBAG is unable to meet the May 12, 2005 application deadline.  Exhibit 3-A is a resolution to authorize an application by MPWMD for Prop 50 grant funding and to authorize the General Manager to enter into an agreement on behalf of MPWMD with the State of California, should MPWMD be awarded a grant.  If AMBAG does go forward with an application by the deadline that includes development of an IRWMP for the MPWMD region, then MPWMD will not seek a separate planning grant.


RECOMMENDATION:  If this item is approved as part of the Consent Calendar, the Board will adopt Resolution No. 2005-02 to apply for grant funding under Proposition 50 and will authorize the General Manager to enter into a contract with the State of California to develop an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and to receive grant funds.


BACKGROUND:  At the March 31, 2005 meeting, the Board directed staff to work with other water resource agencies around the Monterey Bay to develop an integrated plan for managing water supply, maintaining water quality, and protecting the environment.  Proposition 50 encourages   Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) by providing up to $380 million statewide in grant funding.  Grant funding is available for developing an IRWMP and for implementing projects that are consistent with an adopted IRWMP.  Separate grant applications are required for each type of grant. An adopted IRWM plan is a requirement for obtaining funding to implement projects.


Ideally, an IRWMP for the Monterey Bay and Carmel Bay would include all the groundwater basins and watersheds contributing to the Bay.  MPWMD, MCWRA, PVWMA, AMBAG, the County of Santa Cruz, and other local public agencies have been coordinating to establish a planning region and develop an “umbrella” plan that would integrate water management strategies across this region. 


Because the grant program is highly competitive, a significant amount of time is needed to prepare a thorough application.  Exhibit 3-B is MPWMD staff’s proposed scope of work and estimate for the time required to prepare an application for a planning grant for the MPWMD region.  If AMBAG moves forward with a planning grant application for a larger region (the “umbrella” plan) by May 12, 2005, MPWMD staff proposes to include this scope of work in the AMBAG application.  If the application for the “umbrella” plan does not proceed, MPWMD will submit an application for a planning grant for the MPWMD region only.  The California Department of Water Resources and the State Water Resources Control Board, the agencies administering the grant program, expect to discuss initial funding recommendations in September 2005 and approve final planning grant awards in October 2005.  A grant agreement would likely take effect in January 2006.


Approximately $12 million is available statewide in the first grant funding cycle to assist communities in developing an IRWMP.  The maximum planning grant is $500,000 and requires a 25% local contributing match.  One of the reasons for developing and adopting an IRWMP is to qualify for an implementation grant under Prop 50.  MPWMD proposes to complete an implementation grant application (due by July 14, 2005) for phase one of the Seaside Groundwater Basin Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project.  An IRWMP for the MPWMD region must be developed and adopted by December 31, 2006.  An additional requirement for receiving an implementation grant will be to complete a groundwater basin management plan within one year of making application for an implementation grant.


IMPACT ON STAFF/RESOURCES:   Application for a Prop 50 planning grant will be completed by the District’s Planning and Engineering Division staff with assistance from the Water Resources Division.  Applications are due May 12, 2005.  Larry Hampson, Water Resources Engineer, is the District’s grant application coordinator.  Minimal direct costs may be incurred to obtain relevant documents from other agencies and to copy and mail the application.  If the District receives a planning grant, staff time will be required to prepare the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, to coordinate with other agencies, and to administer the grant.  The 25 % local contributing match is anticipated to be in the form of in-kind services, such as staff labor.



3-A     MPWMD Board of Directors Resolution No. 2005-02

3-B     Scope of Work for Prop 50 planning grant application by MPWMD to develop an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the Monterey Peninsula Region