ITEM:            CONSENT CALENDAR     




Meeting Date:     January 27, 2005                          Budgeted: N/A          

Program/Line Item No.: N/A

Staff Contact: Arlene Tavani                                    Cost Estimate: N/A


General Counsel Approval: N/A

Committee Recommendation: N/A

CEQA Compliance: N/A



SUMMARY:     Shown below is a list of committee assignments developed by the Chair and Vice Chair for calendar year 2005.  All committees are made up of less than a quorum of the Board.  The Administrative Committee is the District’s one standing committee, it meets monthly prior to each Board meeting.  The other committees do not meet regularly, but only as needed.  Also shown are the names of Directors proposed to serve as liaisons to the Policy Advisory Committee and the Monterey County Special Districts’ Association.


RECOMMENDATION:   The Board should ratify appointments as recommended by the Chair and Vice Chair.


Board Committees

Administrative Committee

Alvin Edwards – Chair

Judi Lehman

Kristi Markey

David Pendergrass (Alternate)

Public Outreach/Communications

Michelle Knight – Chair

Alvin Edwards

Kristi Markey

Larry Foy (Alternate)

Rules and Regulations Review

Judi Lehman – Chair

Michelle Knight

David Pendergrass

Larry Foy (Alternate)

Water Demand

Larry Foy – Chair

Michelle Knight

Kristi Markey

David Pendergrass (Alternate #1)

Judi Lehman (Alternate #2)


Outside Agencies/Liaisons

Monterey County Special Districts’ Association

Judi Lehman, Representative    

Kristi Markey, Alternate

Policy Advisory Committee

Larry Foy, serves as Chair

Alvin Edwards, Alternate