Authorization of General Manager to Use District Vehicle in Accordance with Section III C of Employment Agreement


Meeting Date:

August 16, 2004





David A. Berger




General Manager

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General Counsel Approval:


Committee Recommendation:

The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on August 5, 2004 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance:



SUMMARY: Section III C of the General Manager Employment Agreement provides me the option of either a $300 per month auto allowance, or exclusive use of District vehicle.This action item is needed because Section III C requires separate Board of Directors approval of the latter option.†††††


RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the Board authorize use of a District vehicle, in accordance with Section III C of the General Manager Employment Agreement.The Administrative Committee reviewed and unanimously recommended approval of this item at its August 5, 2004 meeting.


BACKGROUND: My personal vehicle, a two-seat sports car, is both impractical and projects an inappropriate image for daily use on District business.Instead of continuing to use my personal vehicle, I propose to use one of the two compact sedans assigned to the Water Demand Division.One of these compact sedans is in use, and the other is in the 2004-05 adopted budget.The WDD manager has assured me that this additional use would have no adverse impact on her Divisionís inspection service level, since my use for appointments out of the office will be scheduled in advance, and because WDD customer service representatives are in the field only part of their workdays.In those rare instances when neither of the WDD cars is available, I would use another District vehicle that is assigned for general staff use.†††


Because of the Districtís current financial condition, acquiring an additional vehicle for my exclusive use is an unattractive alternative.I am willing to waive the exclusive use aspect of Sec. III C for this reason.I am also willing to voluntarily limit to no more than $300 month the Districtís cost of purchasing gas and oil for my use of a District vehicle.†††