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Special Board Meeting

Board of Directors

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District


April 22, 2004

7:00 PM

District Conference Room

Staff notes for these agenda items will be available on the District web site at by 5 PM on Friday, April 16, 2004.


















ORAL COMMUNICATIONS Anyone wishing to address the Board on matters not listed on the agenda may do so during Oral Communications. Please limit your comment to three minutes. The public may comment on Public Hearing items at the time they are considered by the Board.









First Reading of Ordinance No. 109 Revising Rule 23.5 and Adopting Additional Provisions to Facilitate the Financing and Expansion of the Carmel Area Wastewater District (CAWD)/Pebble Beach Community Services District (PBCSD) Recycled Water Project

A.                  Review CEQA Findings

B.                  Review Supplemental Financing Agreement

C.                  Review Agreement for Sale of Recycled Water

D.                  Review Supplemental Operation and Construction Agreement

Action: The Board will consider the first reading of Ordinance No. 109, which would enable upgrades to the CAWD/PBCSD Recycled Water Project (formerly titled the CAWD/PBCSD Wastewater Reclamation Project).  The Board originally adopted Ordinance No. 109 on November 24, 2003.  At a subsequent meeting on December 15, 2003, the Board voted to reconsider the action to adopt, and to discuss revised versions of the ordinance, CEQA Findings and three supplemental agreements at a later date.  Under the proposed ordinance, water entitlements held by the Pebble Beach Company in accordance with MPWMD Ordinance No. 39, and current project agreements would be made available to properties throughout Del Monte Forest, rather than only to properties owned by the Pebble Beach Company.  Ordinance No. 109 would amend MPWMD Rule 23.4.  Public comment will be received on this item.








Board of Directors

Alvin Edwards, Chair Division 1

Larry Foy, Vice Chair Division 5

Judi Lehman Division 2

Kristi Markey Division 3

Michelle Knight Division 4

David Pendergrass Mayoral Representative

David Potter Monterey County Board of Supervisors

General Manager

Fran Farina


This agenda is subject to revision and may be amended prior to the scheduled meeting. A final agenda will be posted at the District office at 5 Harris Court, Monterey, 72 hours prior to the meeting, and copies will be available at the Board meeting. Staff notes regarding these agenda items will be available for public review on Friday, April 16, 2004 through Thursday, April 22, 2004, at the District office and at the Carmel, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Pacific Gove and Seaside libraries. The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for May 17, 2004.


Upon request, MPWMD will provide written agenda materials in appropriate alternative formats, or disability-related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services, to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in public meetings. Please send a written request, including your name, mailing address, phone number and brief description of the requested materials and preferred alternative format or auxiliary aid or service by 5 PM on April 19, 2004. Requests should be sent to the Board Secretary, MPWMD, P.O. Box 85, Monterey, CA, 93942. You may also fax your request to the Administrative Services Division at 831-644-9560, or call 831-658-5600.