Meeting Date:

April 19, 2004



Staff Contact:

Larry Hampson

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CEQA Compliance:N/A


Carmel River Large Woody Debris Inventory:During the summer and fall of 2003, a survey of large wood in the channel bottom was completed between the Carmel River lagoon and San Clemente Dam. The Watershed Institute at California State University Monterey Bay, the Districtís contractor for the work, completed a draft report in early April 2004.†† After review by MPWMD staff, the final report will be available on the Districtís web site.


Carmel River Violation:  A serious violation of the District's riparian ordinances occurred in late December 2003 on two residential properties on the north bank of the river just upstream of the Rancho CaŮada Golf Club.  One of the property owners had cut riparian vegetation and placed concrete slurry on the river bank in an area that had been armored with rip-rap following the high flows in 1998.  Approximately one-half of the work was carried out on an adjacent property ownerís land.District staff took enforcement action against the property owner who had directed the work, Roy Woods, by sending him a notice of violation, with conditions for compliance.District staff also issued a similar citation to Mr. Marotta, the adjacent property owner.District staff reviewed proposed plans by Mr. Woods for streambank restoration and found the plans do not meet standards for the Carmel River.Mr. Woods and Mr. Marotta have been given a deadline of October 31, 2004 to complete repairs in a manner acceptable to the District and other permitting agencies.


Carmel River Watershed Council (CRWC) Coordination:MPWMD continued work on an assessment of biologic, aquatic, and environmental conditions along the main stem.Work is scheduled to be completed by June 2004.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Permit for Carmel River Activities:  MPWMD received copies of the final Biological Opinions by the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on potential impacts to sensitive species (California red-legged frogs and steelhead) from proposed maintenance and restoration projects in the main stem of the Carmel River.Currently, the Regional Water Quality Control Board in San Luis Obispo is reviewing MPWMDís application for a waiver to Section 401 of the Clean Water Act, which is required before the Corps can issue its permit.This permit will cover bank restoration projects and other activities by the District and by property owners along the Carmel River.


Carmel River Advisory Committee (Committee):The Committee held a regular meeting on February 5, 2004.At their December 18, 2003 meeting, the Committee voted to support a resolution for consideration by the MPWMD Board of Director recommending the continuation of the Districtís Mitigation Program.This item, initially addressed by the Board at their February 19, 2004 meeting, is scheduled for consideration by the Board at the April 19, 2004 meeting.


Repairs to the Valley Hills Restoration Project: In 2003, MPWMD halted planning for repairs at the Valley Hills Restoration Project due to the Districtís inability to negotiate an acceptable access agreement with the property owners.At their March 15, 2004 meeting, the Board of Directors authorized a change to the Districtís policy concerning indemnification of riverfront property owners against potential losses associated with District actions in the Carmel River.†† This change, which allows property owners to be covered under the Districtís general liability policy, will allow staff to move forward with negotiations for right-of-entry agreements with affected property owners at the Valley Hills Project.