Meeting Date: April 19, 2004 Budgeted: Yes

Program/Line Item No.: Fixed Assets and

Staff Contact: Stephanie Pintar Revisions to the Water Permit Process

Cost Estimate: $7,950

General Counsel Approval: N/A

Committee Recommendation: The Administrative Committee reviewed this item on March 10, 2004 and recommended approval. The Administrative Committee also reviewed this item on April 13, 2004 and recommended approval.

CEQA Compliance: N/A



SUMMARY: The Board will consider approving the purchase of a multi-function copier for the Water Demand Division. This item was continued from the March 15, 2004 Board meeting to obtain additional information on the cost of a lease option and the cost of purchasing separate machines to perform the functions of the required photocopier. A copy of the March 15, 2004 staff report is attached as Exhibit 2-A.


The District requested the original bidders to provide lease options for the multi-function photocopy machine for the Water Demand Division. The lowest bidder for the purchase of the machine also provided the lowest cost for a lease option. The costs for the lease options are summarized in Table 1. Staff also researched vendors for separate costs for a copier, printer, scanner, and a fax machine. The separate costs are summarized in Table 2. A summary of the bids for the purchase of a multi-function copier is shown in Table 3.


Table 1--Lease Option Costs


Monterey Bay Office Products (RICOH Aficio 2022/2027)






Cash Price

12 month

24 month

36 month

48 month










(Document Feeder







4x500 paper)








Print/Scan Option







Finisher with sort/staple















Monthly Lease Cost
















Total Cost 










In addition to the above costs, the end of term buy out option is 10% of the total machine cost.

All maintenance guarantees apply to leased machines. Service response time is within 4


hours. If the copier cannot be repaired, a free loaner copier will be provided until the repair

has been completed.







Table 2 Purchase Costs of Separate Components


Pricing for Individual Components (Tax & Shipping not included)






Cash Price




























Total Cost







Service contracts for these components are usually for a year and some have extended warranties. These components are meant for small offices. In the past, Water Demand Division has purchased these types of components and would have to replace them when the machine broke down or stopped functioning.


Table 3 Summary of Bids for Multi-Function Copier


The original bids for the digital copier included minimum 20 page-per-minute multi-function photocopy machine with the functionality requirements of network connectivity for Water Demand Division as follows:




Bid Amount

Monterey Bay Office Products

RICOH Aficio 2022/2027



New Cal Industries

Canon ImageRunner2220 Series



The Document Solutions Company

Xerox Document Centre 420/426



IKON Office Solutions

Canon ImageRunner2220 Series




RECOMMENDATION: District staff recommends that the Board authorize expenditure of funds to purchase the RICOH Aficio photocopy machine for a cost of $7,378.80 and a renewable annual service contract of $570.00 per year (based on 5,000 copies per month/.0095 cents per copy) for a grand total of $7,948.80. The lease option and individual purchase of separate components would cost more than the cost to purchase the multi-function photocopy machine. The Administrative Committee reviewed this item at its April 13, 2004 meeting and voted 3 to 0 to recommend approval.


BACKGROUND: The proposed multi-function copier is essential for daily functions of copying, printing and faxing in the Water Demand Division. Additionally, the scanning capabilities will be used to scan and store documents electronically. It will replace and/or supplement the existing office machines in the division (copier, printer, facsimile) and provide scanning capabilities for electronic filing. The scanning function facilitates customer service by allowing staff to store and make accessible all inspection reports, Water Conservation Certification Forms, deed restrictions, letters, enforcement actions, etc. The new database is being designed to enable electronic filing capabilities, which will require additional disk space and a new storage server.


With the purchase of the multi-function copier, it should be noted that the Water Demand Division will be able to efficiently and quickly generate a great deal of correspondence, both internally for staff and externally for the public. The most recent copier used in the Division has broken down due to the high volume of copies needed, and the District is renting it for a monthly cost of $134.


The fax machine has also been replaced every few years at a cost of $300-$500 due to excess use. The proposed multi-function copier will be used to receive and send faxes, and with its network capability, the faxes can be saved and transmitted electronically.


The proposed multi-function copier will also be used as a printer for large jobs, deed restrictions, enforcement letters and water permits. Using the new copier to print water permits will eventually eliminate the necessity (and cost) for printing special four-part NCR forms which are currently printed on a dot matrix printer. The multi-function copier has four trays to facilitate multiple-page permit printing with the new database that is being developed. The print speed of the machine will eliminate the impact on the other office users that is caused when large printing projects are undertaken or individual form letter printing is underway. Any large print job impacts the entire division, causing a reduction in work productivity.


The multi-function copier components work interdependently of each other; one component can be down and not impact the others. Service response time from the vendor is within 4 hours and replacement machines are be available. During any down time, production would not cease as there are other copiers available within the District to provide backup.


The Fiscal Year 2003-2004 Budget includes $1,200 for the purchase of this copier in Account No. 99-9120 and additional funds are available under Program No. 4-1-4, Revisions to the Water Permit Process, which includes the design and development of the new database for the Water Demand Division.