Meeting Date:†††††††††† March 15, 2004††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Budgeted: Yes

Program/Line Item No.: 3-1-1,

Staff Contact: Rick Dickhaut††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Annual Report

Cost Estimate:†† $12,000

General Counsel Approval: N/A

Committee Recommendation: N/A

CEQA Compliance: N/A


Additional information presented at Board meeting


SUMMARY: Exhibit 18-A is the draft text of the 2003 Annual Report of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.†† Information is presented below regarding the cost to publish and distribute the final report which will include photographs and charts that illustrate the Districtís accomplishments in the year 2003. The final report is scheduled for completion by April 30, 2004. This time line assumes that final comments on the text from the Board of Directors are received by March 26, 2004.


RECOMMENDATION:The Board should accept public comment, then direct District staff to finalize the text and proceed with production and distribution of the final report.Directors are asked to submit their written comments or edits on the report to District staff by March 26, 2004.


IMPACT ON STAFF RESOURCES:The cost to publish and distribute the 2003 Annual Report is estimated to be approximately $12,000.This includes the cost of consultants to edit, design and publish the report, the cost to mail approximately 115 copies of the report and the cost to notify the general public that the report is available.The expenditure of these funds was approved at the November 17, 2003 Board meeting.


BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The Districtís enabling legislation mandates that a public hearing on the annual report be conducted in March of each year.Special notice of the public hearing was published in the Monterey County Herald on Thursday, March 4, 2004.Once the final report is available, a post card will be mailed to approximately 600 members of the public, media and federal and state agencies notifying them that the report is available for review at the Districtís web site, or that a hard copy is available upon request.In addition, notice of release of the report will be published in the Monterey County Herald, the Coast Weekly and the Carmel Pine Cone newspapers.District staff also proposes to mail 115 copies of the final report to local libraries, city councils, planning commissions, Monterey County Board of Supervisors, Monterey Peninsula Airport District Board of Directors, MPWMD Technical Advisory Committee, Carmel River Advisory Committee and representatives from the Carmel Area Wastewater District and the Pebble Beach Community Services District.