5.         Consider Adoption of Resolution of Appreciation for David Pendergrass


Meeting Date:     November 24, 2003                      Budgeted:  N/A

Program/Line Item No.: N/A

Staff Contact:       Arlene Tavani                              Cost Estimate: N/A


General Counsel Approval: N/A

Committee Recommendation: N/A

CEQA Compliance: N/A


SUMMARY:   Attached as Exhibit 5-A is a resolution of appreciation for David Pendergrass, who represents the Monterey County Mayors Select Committee on the Board.   The City of Sand City is honoring Mr. Pendergrass for 25 years of public service in a ceremony scheduled for December 12, 2003.   Vice Chair Lehman will present the attached resolution to Mr. Pendergrass at the ceremony on behalf of the Board of Directors.


RECOMMENDATION:  District staff recommends approval of the resolution.