Meeting Date: November 17, 2003 Budgeted: N/A

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Staff Contact: Eric Sandoval Cost Estimate: N/A


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This is an update on the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program for the period September 15 through November 3, 2003. Staff is in the process of creating a Geographic Information Systems Implementation Plan. Listed below are some of the on-going components of that plan.

1. File Management and Organization

                  Reviewing existing projects and preparing a Functional Requirement Study

                  Reviewing all available electronic and hard-copy data

                  Creating metadata for all existing GIS / database files to provide compliant documentation

                  Developing data models and new database schema for district wide data collection

                  Developing data sharing policy and procedures with other agencies

                  Establishing relationships with local government and agencies to facilitate collaboration for GIS

                  Establishing common data repository, version control system and data / document management system for easy data access

2.       Data Collection and Conversion

                  Verification of municipal and service boundaries

                  Collate internal / external electronic and hard-copy data formats

                  Ensure all spatial data is in the recommended projection and coordinate system (State Plane NAD 83, California zone IV, feet)

                  Review and record Federal Geographic Data Committee compliant metadata in a document and GIS management system

                  Develop data conversion tools and procedures

                  Develop data validation tools

                  Validate and correct spatial and tabular data errors


Staff plans to have the File Management and Organization completed by April 2004. Staff is continually in the process of Data Collection and Conversion. The Geographic Information Systems Implementation Plan for MPWMD, will allow staff to coordinate and utilize available geospatial databases for project analysis, spatial modeling, and graphical presentation. Integration of spatial datasets (parcels, well locations, etc) and existing databases (water usage, water quality, etc), followed with a rigorous quality assessment procedure will facilitate the use of the geospatial data. Digital map products will be placed on the MPWMD website at for public viewing and distribution.

Some of the data applications the GIS program will help facilitate and control are:


v      District Wide

       Support staff and the Board with community outreach and education projects

       Deploy viewing tools on web based platforms

       Develop tools/procedures to facilitate visual outputs

       Map production


v      Water Demand

       Water Demand data management for permitting and conservation efforts

       Property / real estate data management


v          Water Resources

       Hydro infrastructure data management for wells

       Vegetation/wildlife habitat data management for riparian efforts being conducted by the District

       Hydro-geologic data management

       Water quality data management


v      Engineering and Planning

       Survey data management

       Planning procedures and analysis