This meeting has been noticed according to the Brown Act rules.

The Board of Directors meets regularly on the third Monday of each month. 

The meetings begin at 7:00 PM in the Seaside City Council Chambers.



Special Meeting

Board of Directors

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District


October 30, 2003

7:00 PM

MPWMD Conference Room

5 Harris Court, Bldg. G, Monterey, CA







ORAL COMMUNICATIONS  Anyone wishing to address the Board on Consent Calendar Items or matters not listed on the agenda may do so during Oral Communications.  Please limit your comment to three minutes.  The public may comment on Action and Public Hearing items at the time they are considered by the Board.


CONSENT CALENDAR  Routine items for which staff has prepared a recommendation.   Approval of the Consent Calendar ratifies the staff recommendation.  The public may address the Board on any Consent Calendar item during the Oral Communications portion of the meeting.  Please limit your comments to three minutes.

1.                   Consider Approval of Minutes from the Regular Board Meeting of September 15, 2003

2.                   Adopt Board Meeting Schedule for 2004

3.                   Consider Authorization of Conservation Funds to Hire Temporary Employees for Records Reorganization

4.                   Authorize Expenditure of Mitigation Funds for Replacement of Fish Counter at San Clemente Dam

5.                   Authorize Expenditure of Mitigation Funds for Extra Work by John F. Otto, Inc. for Interim Sediment Retrofit Project at Sleepy Hollow Steelhead Rearing Facility

6.                   Authorize Payment for Fort Ord Monitor Well License Renewal

7.                   Consider Contract with the Carmel River Watershed Conservancy to Provide Services for an Environmental and Biological Assessment of Portions of the Carmel River Watershed

8.                   Consider Authorization of an Agreement to Provide Arbitrage Calculation Services for the Carmel Area Wastewater district/Pebble Beach Community Services District (CAWD/PBCSD) Wastewater Reclamation Project Certificates of Participation

9.                   Consider Adoption of Treasurer’s Report for July 2003







10.                Board Comments and Referrals



11.                Consider Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance No. 110 – Expanding the Toilet Retrofit Rebate Program to Include Rebates for Ultra-Low Consumption Dishwashers, Ultra-Low Consumption Washing Machines, Dual-Flush Ultra-Low Flush Toilets, Hot Water Demand Pumping Systems and Rainwater Cisterns

Action:  The Board will consider second reading and adoption of an ordinance to expand the District’s existing toilet replacement refund program.  The proposed program will provide rebates for initial installations of ultra-low consumption dishwashers, ultra-low consumption washing machines, cisterns, hot water demand pumping systems and dual-flush toilets.  The proposed ordinance also expands the eligibility area to include all areas within the Monterey Peninsula Water Resources System (MPWRS) and all areas served by California-American Water Company (Cal-Am) within the District, including Bishop and Hidden Hills.  Cal-Am currently co-sponsors the District’s program. Public comment will be received on this item.


12.                Ratify Elimination of Water Credit for Half-Gallon Toilets

Action:  The Board will consider ratification of a decision to delete the water credit for ˝ gallon flush toilets from the list of water use credits available to offset new water fixtures. The decision was made based on negative comments received from users of the fixtures.  Public comment will be received on this item.


13.                Consider First Reading of Ordinance No. 111 – Amending District Rule 24 and Rule 11

Action:   The Board will consider first reading of Ordinance No. 111 that would make changes to District Rule 24-C, Residential Expansion, and add definitions to Rule 11.  The ordinance would modify residential fixture unit counts listed in Table 1.  Public comment will be received on this item.


14.                Consider First Reading of Ordinance No. 112 – Amending Baseline Water Conservation Requirements and Amending and Republishing Rules 11, 142, and 144

Action:  The Board will consider the first reading of Ordinance No. 112 that clarifies the existing water conservation requirements and adds new requirements for new construction, remodels and additions, change in ownership or use, and expansion in use.  Public comment will be received on this item.


ACTION ITEMS – There are no Action Items for Board consideration.





Special Board Meeting (Surf ‘n Suds Hearing) – November 10, 2003 – 9AM – MPWMD Conference Room

Regular Board Meeting – November 17, 2003 – 7 PM – Location to be announced

Special Board Meeting – November 24, 2003 – 7 PM – Location to be announced


This agenda is subject to revision and may be amended prior to the scheduled meeting.  A final agenda will be posted at the District office at 5 Harris Court, Monterey,  72 hours prior to the meeting, and copies will be available at the Board meeting.  Staff notes regarding these agenda items will be available for public review on Thursday, October 23, 2003 through Thursday, October 30, 2003 at the District office and at the Carmel, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Seaside libraries.  The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for November 17, 2003.











Board of Directors

Zan Henson, Chair – Division 5

Judi Lehman, Vice Chair - Division 2

Alvin Edwards B Division 1

Molly Erickson - Division 3

Kris Lindstrom - Division 4

David Pendergrass - Mayoral Representative

David Potter B Monterey County Board of Supervisors


General Manager

Fran Farina
















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