Meeting Date:           October 20, 2003                    Budgeted: Yes

Program/Line Item No.:  Personnel/Salaries

Staff Contact: Rick Dickhaut                        Cost Estimate:  $93,500 plus cost of PERS

                                                                                    & Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

General Counsel Approval: N/A

Committee Recommendation: N/A

CEQA Compliance: N/A


SUMMARY:  Fran Farina has been the District’s Acting General Manager since March 18, 2003.  Farina has agreed to be the District’s General Manager commencing retroactive to September 16, 2003, and expiring on June 30, 2004 for a total compensation of $93,500 ($11,000 per month).  The Board of Directors may terminate Farina’s employment at any time during this term, however the District shall be obligated to compensate Farina for the entire term of the agreement.  Farina shall be provided District paid PERS retirement coverage and workers’ compensation insurance.  Farina will not be entitled to any other benefits.  At the sole discretion of the District, the agreement with Farina may be extended for a period of three months commencing on July 1, 2004, and expiring on September 30, 2004 at a salary of $11,500 per month.


RECOMMENDATION:  The Board should review this matter and authorize the Board Chair to enter into a contract with Farina as detailed above.


IMPACT ON STAFF RESOURCES:  The 2002-2003 budget includes sufficient funds in the Personnel/Salaries line item to fund this contract.


BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  General Manager Ernesto A. Avila submitted his resignation to the Board of Directors in a letter dated March 14, 2003.  Effective March 18, 2003, Fran Farina was appointed Acting General Manager until a permanent replacement could be recruited.