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Staff Contact: ††††††††††† Dave Dettman/†††††††††† †††††††††† Resources Fisheries, 2.4

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AQUATIC HABITAT AND FLOW CONDITIONS:During June 2003, Carmel River streamflow conditions were fair for fish rearing and smolt out migration.Mean daily streamflow recorded at the Districtís Carmel River at Sleepy Hollow Weir gaging station averaged 40 cubic feet-per-second (cfs) and ranged from 25 - 55 cfs.††


No rainfall was recorded by Cal-Am at San Clemente Dam (SCD) in June 2003.The long-term monthly average is 0.12 inches at this site for June.


The Carmel River Lagoon had intermittent closures in June 2003.The final closing of the mouth for the season occurred on July 2, 2003.Lagoon water quality was good to fair for steelhead during the month, but the water depth was frequently very shallow.A sand bar that has formed across the mouth of the south arm of the lagoon effectively isolates this reach from the main body until the lagoon partially fills.This may be affecting water quality in the south arm.


SAN CLEMENTE DAM FISH COUNTER: The fish counter was placed into service on November 1, 2002.Through the end of June 2003, 483 adult steelhead have passed over the counter, including 8 fish in November, 17 in December, 90 in January, 141 in February, 194 in March, 30 in April, and 3 in May.No fish were counted in June 2003.The counter was decommissioned for the season in late June, when the SCD drawdown project began.


Total Through


Month††† # of Adults

Nov 2002†††††††† 8

Dec 2002††††††† 17

Jan 2003††††††† 90

Feb 2003††††† 141
Mar 2003†††† 194
Apr 2003†††††† 30
May 2003††††††† 3
June 2003††††††† 0†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

TOTAL†††††† 483


SUMMER STEELHEAD RESCUES:Staff started the 2003 summer steelhead rescues on June 30, 2003 as flows neared 10 cfs at the Highway 1 bridge.The one day June total was 472, mostly young-of-the-year (YOY) fish.


SLEEPY HOLLOW STEELHEAD REARING FACILITY:In June 2003, difficulties with pump manufacturer PACO Pumps in Oakland, and the unfortunate failure of the portable pump delayed the start up of the Facility.All pumps were repaired and functioning properly by July 9, 2003.The Facility will run in test mode for one week, and needs to accept rescued fish on July 17, 2003.