ITEM:                                    CONSENT CALENDAR




Meeting Date:           March 17, 2003                                  Budgeted:  N/A

Program/Line Item:  N/A

Staff Contact:             Rick Dickhaut                                    Cost Estimate:  N/A


General Counsel Approval:  N/A

Committee Recommendation: Administrative Committee recommended that an ad hoc committee be appointed to respond to the Grand Jury Report.

CEQA Compliance:  N/A



SUMMARY:  The 2002 Monterey County Grand Jury Report contained two sections related to the District.  Both sections are attached as EXHIBIT 4-A.  The Administrative Committee discussed this matter on March 11, 2003 and recommended that the full Board appoint an ad hoc committee of the Board to craft and submit a response to the report.  The Administrative Committee suggested the ad hoc committee consist of Chair Henson and Vice Chair Lehman, as well as past Chair Erickson, based on her background experience with the District response to the 1999 Monterey County Grand Jury Report. 


RECOMMENDATION: The Administrative Committee recommends that the Board appoint an ad hoc committee consisting of Chair Henson, Vice Chair Lehman and Director Erickson to craft and submit a response to the 2002 Monterey County Grand Jury Report.


BACKGROUND:  On January 2, 2003, the Monterey County Grand Jury issued its 2002 Grand Jury Report.  Included in the report was a section entitled Availability of Water on the Monterey Peninsula that was issued by the Grand Jury as a mid-year report dated October 31, 2002.  District staff had no knowledge of the mid-year report prior to receiving the final report.  Also included in the final report was a supplement to the mid-year report.  Both sections are included as EXHIBIT 4-A.  Although no response to the report is required, Director Erickson has suggested that the Board consider sending a response.  The deadline for submitting a written response is April 2, 2003.